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Johannes WislicenusIn existographies, Johannes Wislicenus (1835-1902) was a German chemist and free thinker noted for 1885 comment: "that must disappear!", to his University of Leipzig tour guide, upon talking over the chair of chemistry, from Hermann Kolbe, in reference to the Biblical quote, stating "god has arranged all things by measure and and number and weight", from Wisdom of Solomon (11:20) (Ѻ), above the classroom periodic table (Dmitri Mendeleyev version, 1869).

Chemical atheism | That must disappear!
In 1885, Wislicenus gave the following order to his tour guide, during his orientation tour of the University of Leipzig, as the new chemistry professor successor to Hermann Kolbe:

“That must disappear!”

in reference to Kolbe’s Biblical quotation "God has arranged all things by measure and number and weight" (Wisdom of Solomon 11:20) in large letters, such as depicted adjacent, above the periodic table chart of the chemical elements at the front of his lecture theater: [1]

Kolbe's periodic table (1885)
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In 1905, German chemist Wilhelm Ostwald came into serious conflict with the university, the reason being concerned with “religious questions”, as biographer Eduard Farber puts it, at the time of the official obsequies for Wislicenus. The tensions came to a breaking point, when Ostwald was asked to be relieved of lecturing duties, after which he was suspended until 1906, officially appointed as an exchange professor to the United States.

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1. Forefathers (eBook) – University of California Press.

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