John Becker

John BeckerIn existographies, John M. Becker (c.1950-) is an American musician and meta-list maker, noted for his Becker 160 (greatest scientists) and Becker 139 (greatest philosophers) meta-analysis rankings.

In 2013, Becker, a professed “lister” (Ѻ), via WordPress, began combining lists on various topics, from books and the Internet, ranking the combined list in terms of how many times a given thing, e.g. person, appeared across multiple lists, and ranking individuals chronologically with groups, such as ten people equally found on three separate lists.

In 2018, Becker made a ranked "Greatest Scientists of All Time" listing, containing 160 individuals (see: Becker 160). [1]
In c.2019, Becker made a ranked "Greatest Philosophers of All Time" (see: greatest philosopher ever) listing, with 139 individuals (see: Becker 139). [2]

1. Becker 160 (Ѻ) (2018) – Greatest Scientists of All Time | Ranked.
2. Becker 139 (Ѻ) (c.2019) – Greatest Philosophers of All Time | Ranked.

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