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John BruniIn literature thermodynamics, John P. Bruni (c.1970-) is an American literature scholar noted for []

In 2010, Bruni, in his article “The Miseducation of Henry Adams: Fantasies of Race, Citizenship, and Darwin Dynamos”, incorrectly argued that American historian Henry Adams’ 1907 The Education of Henry Adams, particularly the later chapters, forecasts the importance of information for thermodynamics. [2] Bruni, in this case, seems to be unaware, as are most, that thermodynamics has nothing to do with information nor information theory. [3]

In 2011, Bruni did an entry on thermodynamics, in the The Routledge Companion to Literature and Science, wherein he touched on the works of those including: Ira Livingston, Charles Baudelaire, Gustave Flaubert, H.G. Wells, Bruce Clarke, Yevgeny Zamyatin, D.H. Lawrence, Isaac Asimov; the end of the article, however, seems to drift off into a general treatise on thermodynamics, evolution, and life, e.g. discussing the works of Erwin Schrodinger, David Depew, Bruce Weber, Eric Schneider, among others. [1]

Bruni completed his BA at the University of Rochester, his MA in 1995 with a thesis on “Computer-generated Writing, Chaos Theory, and Contemporary Text” at Villanova University, and his PhD in 2003 with a dissertation on “Making the Fittest Culture: Social Darwinism and American Naturalist Writing at the Turn of the Twentieth Century” at the University of Kansas. Currently, Bruni is a professor of American literature at Grand Valley State University, Michigan. His research interests include: 20th-century U.S. literature and film, ecocriticism, evolution and thermodynamics, cybernetics, animal studies.

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