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photo neededIn human chemistry, John Hodgson (c.1950-) is an American writer and painter noted for his 2002 Book of Molecules and or Humans, wherein he gives a total of a total ninety-eight chemistry aphorisms comparing humans to molecules.

In 2002, Hodgson published the booklet Little Fun Book of Molecules Humans, a human molecule themed book which looks at how molecules behave as compared to how humans behave, utilizing metaphors and other common similarities, consisting of a total ninety-eight chemistry aphorisms. [1] In his preface, Hodgson states that his book is intended to look at the similarities between the two entities: humans and molecules. He states, in particular that:

“If we understand more of each entity there may be clues to hold new clues to hold new scientific information leading to new research.”

“Different molecules or humans behave differently having different reactions or behaviors to changing situations.”

“When molecules or humans mesh they have chemical or physical reaction and or reproduction.”

“With experiment we can better understand these molecules or humans like we never knew before.”
Little Fun Book of Molecules Humans (2002)molecules humans (2010)
Left: Hodgson's 2002 1st books edition of Little Fun Book of Molecules Humans. [1] Right: a 2010 edition, which a re-designed cover, inspired by American chemical engineer Libb Thims' 2008 book The Human Molecule. [2]

“Molecules and humans take in elements or food.”

“Molecules and humans engage in different behaviors and or sex.”

“Molecules and humans make or change common bonds.”

Of Hodgson's five books, his 2002 book on 'molecules/humans' is his most popular.

Hodgson is a painter who self-defines himself as someone who ‘enjoys spending time learning new concepts using knowledge he has learned through studying relationships and interaction of human behavior in society and workplace.’ [3]

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Further reading
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