John O’Manique

photo neededIn hmolscience, John Thompson O’Manique (1936-2003) was a Canadian philosopher noted, in religious thermodynamics, for his 1966 to 1969 work on science, religion, and evolution in the guise of Pierre Teilhard.

In 1966, O’Manique, in his doctoral thesis “The Theory of Orthogenesis in the Synthesis of Teilhard de Chardin”, done at the University of Ottawa, discussed the ideas of Pierre Teilhard. [2]

In 1969, O’Manique, in his Energy in Evolution, expanded on Pierre Teilhard’s hyperphysics, with focus on Teilhard's definition of energy as "a capacity for action, or more exactly, for interaction", discussed in the context of the second law; the following is a condensed excerpt: [1]

“The evolution of complexity [is] a continuous development from the simplest forms such as electrons and protons to the most complex of organisms such as man. The continuity of this development is very important in Teilhard’s principle of coherence.”

On this basis, O’Manique then delves into the issues encountered when one begins to question the “ludicrous statement” of fundamental particles having consciousness, among other issues.

Difficulties on theory
Towards the end of his book, O’Manique leans towards the unscientific, concluding that evolution will tend towards an Omega-God point, whereby “love energy animates and directs the whole evolutionary process and love brings about the final convergence.”

O’Manique completed his undergraduate degree in physics and mathematics. He then wrote his doctoral thesis in 1966 on “The Theory of orthogenesis in the Synthesis of Teilhard de Chardin” at the University of Ottawa. [2] He then became professor of philosophy at St. Patrick’s College of Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, where he taught physics, philosophy, and developmental studies for over 35 years. [3]

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Further reading
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