John Roebuck

In existographies, John Roebuck (1718-1794) (CR:4) was an English physician, chemist, and industrialist, noted for []

In 1759, Roebuck founded the Carron Company ironworks, at Carron, Stirlingshire, and also leased a colliery at Bo’ness to supply coal to his ironworks plant, but found that the coal pit his so much water, that a Newcomen engine was unable to keep the pit clear, after which he had heard of James Watt's steam engine, and became Watt’s first investor, in return for two-thirds share.

In c.1765, Joseph Black, characterized as “Watt’s best friend” (Carnegie, 1905), approached Roebuck about the possibility of funding James Watt, and by Sep 1765, Roebuck had invited both Black and Watt to his country home to discuss business potentials. [1]

Roebuck studied under Herman Boerhaave. [2]

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