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Jon McGowanIn existographies, Jon McGowan (1939-) (CR:3) is an American mechanical engineer, noted for []

In 2012, McGowan, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, became an academic advisor for Ram Poudel, who was in his first year, at UMass, working as a teaching assistant for a course in systems identification, amid which he envisioned doing his PhD on “Energy and the Poverty Dynamics”, conceptually-based on a Navier-Stokes equation (Ѻ) for a social field, i.e. a “social fluid” model, or something along these lines. Poudel proposed this idea to his McGowan, who in turn gave him Howard T. Odum’s Energy Basis for Man and Nature (1976) and Environment, Power, and Society (1971) to read, which initiated Poudel’s engagement in trying to grapple with the subject of mechanical engineering based social energetics and or social mechanics, focused on poverty betterment. [1]

In Mar 2019, McGowan and Poudel, co-authored the article “The Dynamics of Human Society Evolution: an Energetics Approach”, which they submitted to the Hindawi-based journal Complexity (Ѻ), the abstract of which is the following: [2]

“Human society is an open system that evolves by coupling with various known and unknown (energy) fluxes. How do these dynamics precisely unfold? Energetics may provide further insights. We expand on Navier Stokes’ approach to study non-equilibrium dynamics in a field that evolves with time. Based on the ‘social field theory’, an induction of the classical field theories, we define social force and social energy and Hamiltonian of an individual in a society. The equations for the evolution of an individual and society are sketched based on the time-dependent Hamiltonian that includes power dynamics. In this paper, we will demonstrate that Lotka-Volterra type equations can be derived from the Hamiltonian equation in the social field.”

The article is dedicated to Richard Adams and his The Eighth Day.

In Jan 2019, McGowan was taking part in the organization of a potential Thermodynamics Two Cultures Conference 2020, tentatively slated for Jun 22-24.

McGowan completed his BS in 1961 at Carnegie Institute of Technology, his MS in 1962 at Stanford University, and his PhD in 1965 at Carnegie Institute of Technology, and in 2019 was professor of mechanical and industrial engineering at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where his work tends to focus on publications in the area of energy systems, e.g. solar power, wind power, and battery power.

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