Jonathan Borofsky

Jonathan Borofsky nsIn hmolscience, Jonathan Borofsky (1942-) is an American sculpture artist noted for his 1977 hole-filled "Molecule Man" sculptures, a depiction of a human-as-molecule.

In 1977, Borofsky began making the first "Molecule Man" sculptures were built in Los Angeles. The sculptures originated because, in Borofsky's own words:

“I was fascinated by this ‘molecule idea’, the simple fact that even though we appear to be quite solid, we are in fact composed of a molecular structure which in itself is mostly composed of water and air.”

The first ones were human-size. In the decades to follow, he has made four multi-story, hole-filled, Molecule Man sculptures in four locations in the world, where the holes are representative of “the molecules of all human beings coming together to create our existence”. As of 2010, there are four outdoor Molecule Man sculptures:

Los Angeles, California, USAYorkshire, EnglandBerlin, GermanyCouncil Bluffs, Iowa, USA
Molecule Man (LA) 350pxHeight: 30-fit
Date: 1978
Molecule Man (yorkshire sculpture park)Height: 30-ft
Date: 1988
Molecule Man 350pxHeight: 100-ft
Date: 1996
Molecule Man Iowa (s)Height: 50-ft
Date: 2008

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