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Joseph ScaligerIn existographies, Joseph Scaliger (1540-1609) (IQ:180|#209) (Cattell 1000:461) was a French religious leader, philosopher, and scholar; expanded the notion of classical history from Greek and ancient Roman history to include Persian, Babylonian, Jewish, and ancient Egyptian history.

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God cannot make a vacuum, because he cannot make anything dissimilar to himself. Since a vacuum is nothingness, it is clearly dissimilar to god, and since creation always has an end in something, god certainly did not create nothing.”
— Joseph Scaliger (c.1600), synopsis quote of view; according to Otto Guericke (1672) [1]

“As for the opinions of Epigenes, Bienewitz, Cardano, Scaliger, let these pass because they are not apposite to the subject and I do not have the at hand right now a copy of their work. As for whether storms are stirred by demons, as Paracelsus holds, this should be discussed at some length and a distinction should be made between the demons.”
Otto Guericke (1665), “Reply Letter to Sanislaus Lubienietzki”, Mar 29; in New Experiments on the Vacuum of Space (pg. 289)

“Christoph Rothmann who did not withdraw from entering into the so-called field of combat with Scaliger on the subject of comets, declared, in a certain letter to Tycho, that: ‘the lighter exhalations of the earth are carried on high with the help of good angels and are lifted above the moon, which the result that, being lighted by the penetrating rays of the sun there, they appear in the form of comets with tails or beards.”
— Otto Guericke (1665), “Reply Letter to Sanislaus Lubienietzki”, Aug 5/15; in New Experiments on the Vacuum of Space (pg. 298)

1. Guericke, Otto and Schott, Kaspar. (1672). Otto Guericke’s New Experiments: on (as they are called) on the Magdeburg vacuum space (Ottonis De Guericke Experimenta Nova (ut vocantur) Magdeburgica de Vacuo Spatio) (preface, pdf) (pg. 87). Janssonius a Waesberge.

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