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Kelvinic UniversityIn thermodynamics humor, Kelvinic University is a fictional school of thermodynamics conceived by Internet writer Lyle Zapato in 1989. [1] The Kelvinic University approach and mission statement is: [2]

“Employing the laws of thermodynamics developed by William Thomson in the 19th century, the KU thermodynamics-based approach works with nature to cause a local decrease in mental entropy, more commonly referred to as learning.”

In more detail, according to Zapato, it what seems to be an excellent, albeit humorous, guideline to follow, for those teachers in education thermodynamics:

“This scientifically proven technique, used widely in industry, physics, and engineering, and applied for the first time at KU towards education, helps our students flourish and prosper academically and personally. By instilling in our students an awareness for the thermodynamic laws that govern nature, and how they can be applied to science, business, the humanities, and their private life, our approach virtually guarantees success in all endeavors that our graduates choose to tackle. Our mission is not only to provide these benefits that come from a thermodynamics-based approach to our students, but to also disseminate thermodynamic thinking through-out business, the arts, and public policy making - world-wide - for the betterment of society and the individual.”

Ironically, this statement is not far from the future; in that much of this logic is slowly being taught to students, such as in growing human thermodynamics education courses and lectures.

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