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Kenneth HumphreysIn existographies, Kenneth Humphreys (c.1950-) (RMS:132) (CR:7) is an English achristism mythologist, noted for []

In 2001, Humphreys, inspired (Ѻ) by: Earl Doherty (The Jesus Puzzle, 1999); Dorothy Murdock (The Christ Conspiracy, 1999); Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy (The Jesus Mysteries, 1999); George Wells (The Jesus Myth / The Jesus Legend, 1999); Arthur Drews (The Christ Myth, 1910); Robert M. Price (Deconstructing Jesus, 2000); Hyam Maccoby (The Mythmaker: Paul & the Invention of Christianity, 1987); Burton Mack (Who Wrote the New Testament?, 1995); and Elaine Pagels (The Gnostic Gospels, 1979), launched: (see: Jesus never existed),

In 2005, Humphreys, in his book Jesus Never Existed: an Introduction to Ultimate Heresy, outlined his non existence of Jesus view. [1]

In 2015, Humphreys, in his Milwaukee Mythicist podcast interview, stated his view that Christmas as a holiday began in the 4th century AD, which is incorrect; correctly the so-called Germanic-English version of Christmas is a cultural transmission of the Roman version of Christmas, which is a truncated recension version of the ancient month-long Egyptian Khoiak festival (Dec 10 to Jan 8) and its raising of the djed pillar, aka raising of the Christmas tree, which dates crudely to 3,100BC, if not before.

In 2012, Joseph Atwill made a documentary film entitled “Flavian Jesus Hypothesis”, based on Dorothy Murdock’s The Christ Conspiracy (1999), Timothy Freke’s The Jesus Mysteries (1999), Atwill’s Caesar’s Messiah (2006), and Kenneth HumphreysJesus Never Existed (2005), arguing that Jesus was an invention of the Flavian dynasty.

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The following are quotes by Humphreys:

“The truth is that Christianity grew from neither a god nor a man, but out of what had gone before. A ‘human Jesus’ was no more necessary than was a human Horus, a human Dionysus, or a human Mithras.”
— Kenneth Humphreys (2005), Jesus Never Existed (pg. 21)

1. Humphrey, Kenneth. (2005). Jesus Never Existed: an Introduction to Ultimate Heresy. Publisher, 2014.
2. Edward, Brian and Moore, Rob. (2015). “The Origin of Christmas: Interview of Ken Humphreys” (Ѻ), Mythicist Milwaukee, Dec 4.

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