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Kenneth Jolls 2 nsIn thermodynamics, Kenneth R. Jolls (c.1936-) is an American chemical engineer notable for being the designer behind the 2005 Gibbs stamp, depicting the graphical thermodynamics methods of American engineer Willard Gibbs. Jolls is an expert on the computer programming aspects of thermodynamic surfaces, and the history of Maxwell's thermodynamic surface, and authored the 1990 booklet Gibbs and the Art of Thermodynamics, on Gibbs graphical work; a publication later becoming one of the chapters to the 1990 collaboration book Gibbs Symposium. [1]

Jolls completed his AB in music in 1958 at Duke University, BS in chemical engineering in 1961 at North Carolina State University, MS (1963) and PhD (1966) both in chemical engineering at University of Illinois. He is currently a chemical engineering professor at Iowa State University. [2]

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2. Kenneth R. Jolls (faculty) – Iowa State University.

Further reading
● Jolls, Kenneth R. and Coy, D.C. (1992). “Gibbs’s Models Visualized” (abs), Letter to the Editor, Physics Today (pg. 92), Mar.
● Jolls, Kenneth R. (2005). “Engineering, Entropy and Art: a Tour through the Thermodynamics of J. Willard Gibbs” (ΡΊ), Lecture, Fiedler Hall Auditorium, Kansas State University, Apr 14.

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