Kenneth Stokes

Kenneth Stokes nsIn hmolscience, Kenneth Stokes (c. 1960-) is an American political economist noted for his 1992 to 1995 publications on energy, entropy, and thermodynamics used in the humanities.

In 1992, Stokes, in his Man and the Biosphere, discussed thinkers including: Frederick Soddy, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Herman Daly, Karl Polanyi, and topics such as negentropy, thermodynamics, physiocrats, energy, entropy, cybernetics, embodied energy, among others.

In 1995, Stokes, in his Paradigm Lost, argued that the theory of equilibrium, used by Talcott Parsons, was borrowed from thermodynamics. [2]

Stokes studied economics, social theory, and political thought at York University. He is an associate professor of political economy at the International University of Japan.

1. Stokes, Kenneth M. (1992). Man and the Biosphere: Towards a Coevolutionary Political Economy. M.E. Sharpe.
2. Stokes, Kenneth M. (1995). Paradigm Lost (pg. 301). M.E. Sharpe.

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