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Kevin HandIn existographies, Kevin Hand (c.1975-) is an American planetary scientist, noted for []

In 2011, Hand In 2011, American planetary scientist Kevin Hand asserted that the “Gibbs energy” concept, applied ecologically and to civilizations, in the form of energy landscape models, i.e. as “Gibbs landscapes” constructions, is one of the top 100 concepts of the 21st century that will make you smarter. [1]

“When you start to view the world around you with Gibbsian eyes [compare: molecular goggles; thermodynamic lens] you see the untapped potential in so many of our modern technological and industrial ecosystems.”
— Kevin Hand (2011), concept that would improve everybody's cognitive toolkit

Hand's conception of "Gibbs landscape" here, to note, is that conceptualized along the lines of a renew, recycle, and green movement ecosystem conception, in the sense of "waste not free energy", as English physiologist William Bayliss (1915) translated Wilhelm Ostwald's thermodynamic imperative; and not that of a Gibbs landscape conception of reactions between humans, as in human chemical reaction theory, themselves conceptualized as molecules, akin to the way Mirza Beg illustrates the cover of his New Dimensions with activation energy diagrams, shown adjacent, or the way de Lange makes his evolution-conceptualized Gibbs landscapes, or the way Thomas Wallace makes his rise and fall of civilization free energy diagrams.

Hand's suggestion was selected as one of Sean Carroll's favorites. [2]

Hand completed his BA in physics and his BA in psychology in 1998 at Dartmouth College, his MS in mechanical engineering in 2002 at Stanford University, and his PhD in geological and environmental sciences at Stanford in 2007. Presently, Hand is the deputy chief scientist for Solar System Exploration, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.

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