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Kozo Mayumi nsIn hmolscience, Kozo Mayumi (1954-), or 眞弓浩三 (Japanese), is a Japanese applied economist, a student of Romanian mathematician Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen and his material entropy hypothesis, notable, in ecological economics, for extending Georgescu-Roegen’s theories on entropy in the study of energy analysis. [1] Topics of Mayumi’s include dissipative systems models of socioeconomic systems (1997), pseudo measures of entropy, exosomatic energy metabolism of China (2007), among others. [2]

Mayumi completed his MS in engineering from Kyoto University in 1979, a second MA from Vanderbilt University in 1988 in economics, working under Georgescu-Roegen, with a thesis on “Land: Ecological and Economic Achilles’ Heel”, and a PhD from Kyoto University, with a dissertation on “Studies on Georgescu-Roegen’s Bioeconomic Paradigm, from the Graduate school of Engineering at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics. In more detail, from 1984 to 1988, Mayumi studied Bioeconomics at the Department of Economics of Vanderbilt University under the supervision of Romanian mathematician Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen. Mayumi has been working in the areas of energy analysis, ecological economics, and complex hierarch theory. He is currently a professor at the University of Tokushima.

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