Lawrence Chin

Lawrence Chin nsIn human thermodynamics, Lawrence Chang-Lung Chin (c.1969-) is a Chinese-born American philosopher and science writer noted for his treatise A Thermodynamic Interpretation of History, written over the years 1999 to 2006, in which he argues that human history can be best understood as being under the guidance of a Prigoginean thermodynamics like form of evolution. In philosophical thermodynamics, Chin interprets a human thermodynamic meaning of life as a process focused on dissipation and defecation. [1] His treatise or history thermodynamics project, according to Chin, “is essentially a theory of everything in terms of thermodynamic laws, both the first and second.”

In 2005, discussions between Chin and American chemical engineer Libb Thims, on the topic of the thermodynamics of evil, as discussed in Chin’s chapter “Power, the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Problem of Evil”, resulted, in part, to stimulate the writing of the first article for the Journal of Human Thermodynamics, titled "Evil, Structural Stability, and Pre-disposed Movements.” [2] In addition, in regards to the field of cessation thermodynamics, parts of Chins theory are mentioned Thims’ 2005 manuscript Cessation Thermodynamics and his 2007 textbook Human Chemistry. [3]

Chin competed his BS in philosophy at the University of Long Beach, California, and completed some post-graduate work at the University of Montreal, Canada.

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