Laws of human chemistry

In human chemistry, laws of human chemistry are a supposed set of chemical laws that govern the reactions of “human chemicals”.

In 1948, English writer Thomas Dreier stated the following: [1]

“Those who, consciously or unconsciously, apply the laws of human chemistry, get along well with people and live successful lives. Those who do not find, it hard to get along with people, and do not enjoy the success of happiness that might be theirs.”

In this self-help style of context, Dreier reasons that an understanding of the “chemistry of human beings” will give the latter group a fresh start.

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1. Dreier, Thomas. (1948). We Human Chemicals: the Knack of Getting Along with Everybody (pgs. 1-2). Updegraff Press.

Further reading
● Fisher, Helen. (2007). “The Laws of Chemistry”, Psychology Today, May 01.

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