In mononyms, Lewis (CR:530|#5) [CR:23] tends to refer to American physical chemist Gilbert Lewis (CR:293) and his 1923 Thermodynamics and the Free Energy of Chemical Substances; and or his other work, e.g. Lewis dot structure (1902), his 1925 Anatomy of Science (§7: Non-Mathematical Sciences), wherein he speculates on whether “crystals think” or alternatively whether the process of him “writing a book is but a large chemical reaction”; among others:

● Lewis dot structure
● Lewis chemical bond (Ѻ)
● Lewis cubic atoms (Ѻ)
Lewis inequality
Lewis inequality for natural processes
Lewis inequality for unnatural processes
Lewis school of thermodynamics

The following are other Lewis-names:

C.S. Lewis
Lewis Gordon
Lewis Mumford
Lewis Terman
Lewis Wolpert

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