Libb Thims (query letter)

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On 5 Dec 2002, Libb Thims sent the following one page ‘query letter’ to Bantam-Dell Publishing Group, as a book proposal, the letter opened to the following statement:

“Please except this document as my ‘one-page query letter proposal’ for a book idea. IN this book, I intend to present and support the equation that I find, as a first approximation, provides explanation to the question: ‘what is the meaning of life?’”
— Libb Thims (2002), “Book Prospectus Query Letter”, Dec 05 [1]

The following is a scan of the letter: [1]

Libb Thims (query letter) 2002


1. Thims, Libb. (2002). “Book Prospectus Query Letter” (ΡΊ), mailed to Bantam-Dell Publishing Group, Dec 05.

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