Libb Thims (personal notes)

Person note
A rendition of Thims jotting down mental notes.
In notes, Libb Thims (personal notes) refers to personal notes jotted by American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims on scratch paper, in book margins, in document files, arisen mental notes, on napkins, of lately some directly via mind-to-wiki storage conversion, etc., some of which prior to Hmolpedia being listed on IoHT webpages, others of late being listed below, similar to how Newton wrote down Aristotle's famous quote "Plato is my friend but truth my greater friend" in his personal notes (or book margins), prior to setting Aristotle to the side (Ѻ) and embarking after truth. [1]

“What are the alternatives: we either came from Adam and Eve or Atoms and Evolution, yes?”
— Libb Thims (2019), mental note; reflection on viewing Smart Atheism: For Kids and Human Chemical Thermodynamics covers, on the Libb Thims article, in respect to the question of which is more trivial; overthrowing a 5,000+ year old sun god worship belief system, or instilling a 200+ year old, chemical thermodynamics belief system; four-days prior to departing to Pakistan for Beg interview, Sep 9

“Running (/exercise), partying, thinking, studying, and drinking [repeat cycle]; my five favorite ‘-ings’.”
— Libb Thims (2019), “mental note”, arisen while drinking in shower (ordering being general chronological order), 8:24PM CST Apr 8

“Those who commit suicide leave subtle discernment, between right and wrong, for existents.”
— Libb Thims (2019), mental note, arisen after watching An Office and a Gentleman, a double-suicide film, Mar 15

“The older the theory, you have to overthrow, the greater the amount of "work" you have to put in.”
— Libb Thims (2019), “mental note”, arisen in shower, following knap, with thoughts of comparing the overthrow of the 100-year-old caloric theory (by Clausius), the overthrow of the 1400-year-old ether theory (by Einstein), with the 5,000+ year old theory of god (pretty much anyone who attempts to digress on physico-chemical based humanities); possibly in reference to Reddit user u/SpergingKermit (age 15) who says he has an “outline of a potential physiochemical model of history” he wants to show, 1:05AM CST Feb 26

Real geniuses answer questions that don’t have answers. Feigning geniuses or fake geniuses answer questions that have answers.”
— Libb Thims (2019), mental note (Ѻ), 2:47AM CST Feb 15; modified Feb 26

“I love fear.”
— Libb Thims (2019), mental thought arisen, while writing the “quotes on” section of the Joseph Campbell article, 2:55AM CST Jan 31

“We all have to die [de-exist] sometime. We ‘become’, as Heraclitus famously said, we ‘unbecome’. Such is the nature of the ‘change’ of the dynamics of the universe.”
— Libb Thims (2019), mental note reflection on first person, e.g. Ram Poudel, to make comment on public HCM health issues section, Jan 2

“I want a ‘quantitative’ understanding of existence.”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental note arisen in shower while drinking Madras and beer while listening to ‘Do You Want Me’ (club version) by Da Buzz, with reflection on how we’re are brought into this world and given undefined ‘terms’, e.g. love, as goals; 1:16AM CST, Dec 17

“You can say whatever you like about me, but Gibbs and Clausius are ‘rocks’ that aren’t going to be moving for a long time.”
— Libb Thims (2018), “falling asleep” mental note, Nov 6

“A person isn’t really ‘born’, physico-chemically speaking, until they detach completely from the parental structure.”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental reflection on birth days and age, Jul 31
God is simply a word people use for ignorance of some phenomena.”
— Libb Thims (2018), reflection on Marcus Aurelius’s “every man’s intelligence is a god” statement; likely a mental paraphrase of Percy Shelley (1811) stating the same view, Jun 25
Nature is made out of ‘atoms’ and ‘energy’ — and there IS a “G” in nature (or human nature), but it’s NOT god, but Gibbs.”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental note; arisen while viewing new home page “nature is made out of atoms and energy” image (note: more Americans believe in Adam and Eve than atoms and energy), May 29
“What book speaks of unicorns, dragons, and giants in the same story? Answer: the Bible.”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental not while reading Jean Meslier’s citation (pg. 438) of how the Bible says that “dragons, snakes, and ostriches will glorify god” (Isiah 43:20), May 21
“The best things in existence happen spontaneously.”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental note, 3:11PM CST, May 14
“The moment the mind fails to comprehend [the mechanism], the body will cease [to act].”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental note, arisen amid second to last Punisher series, in beating in and out of consciousness scene, Mar 17

Justice is measured in Joules.”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental note arisen while watching The Punisher (part Gunner), fight behind fallen tree scene, Mar 12

“There’s no F = ma in either Alex Pentland’s social physics or Serge Galam’s sociophysics, just as there is no δQ / T in Claude Shannon’s entropy-named information theory. Each are in namesake only subjects.”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental note on social physics fundraising potential queries, i.e. Pentland’s big data based Harvard social physics vs John Q. Stewart’s physics and physico-chemical based Princeton social physics, Mar 6

“I am a physico-chemical auto-maton.”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental note; arisen while reading about Rene Descartes automaton ruminations, at the Royal Gardens in Saint-Germain-in-Laye, in conjunction with how “auto-existographies” usurps “bio-graphy” (see: abioism) and how “auto-defined” usurps “self-defined” (see: life terminology upgrades, principle of inertia, first law of motion, social first law of motion), in the context of terminology reform, Feb 6

Analogy is dualism. Either one is with nature or one is in analogy with nature. There is no in between.”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental note arisen; during the Kelly Gregory interaction (Ѻ), while reading the cons of the Rossini debate, with back-ground thoughts of Goethe’s advertisement, Feb 5

“That was a good mind fὐck.”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental note, the day after finishing Holbach’s The System of Nature; Sherrington’s Man on His Nature, also coming to mind as having a calming effect (residually, as "mind openers", Greenberg’s 101 Myths of the Bible and BussEvolution of Desire), arisen while beginning Julien Musolino’s The Soul Fallacy, prefaced by Victor Stenger, and the realization of falling back into the mundane (i.e. sea of paper-filler books), Feb 3
“The questions real geniuses solve aren’t found in intelligence tests; rather they arise in the mind of the genius, as baffling or elusive perplexities the mind strongly desires solution to.”
— Libb Thims (2018), arisen in mind while perusing Jacob Leachman’s four-year-old thermodynamics exam questions; solution to the seeming problem why elite geniuses such as Richard Feynman and Henri Poincare scored in sub genius level on IQ tests, but became top 1000 geniuses as adults or in retrospect, 12:50PM CST Feb 22
“The fact that we still categorized years in BC/AD dating system, indicates that we are still a backwards people.”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental note; arisen will editing the Murray 4000 page, 7:40PM CST Jan 15

Physics, chemistry, and thermodynamics is the language of the atheist. When, accordingly, the humanities are explained in the language of physics, chemistry, and thermodynamics, an implicit atheistic basis is presumed, whereas an overt explicit atheism is the ideal.”
— Libb Thims (2018), waking mental note 6PM CST Jan 15

“All theory and no funding, makes Jack a dull boy.”
— Libb Thims (2018), mental note arisen, during 1-mile run, prior to first neighborhood MailCubes sales run, Jan 9

Love is bond. Life is motion.”
— Libb Thims (2017), mental note arisen in shower will listening to “What is Love?” (1993) by Haddaway, with reflection on the ease with which the “life does not exist” purview is assimilated, while the “love does not exist” is problematic, 11:36PM CST Oct 1

“My religion is physicochemical materialism.”
— Libb Thims (2017), mental note arisen, while filling out physician questionnaire, in doctor’s office, per likelihood that “religious” preference category should arise, 7:53PM CST Sep 18

“Everybody is a racist. It is a universal trait. This fact was cogently pointed out by Ayaan Ali. The real question is when someone becomes a racist to the point of unnaturalness.”
— Libb Thims (2017), mental note popped into mind via the thumb (Ѻ) to a video (note: think 15 degree rule), Sep 11

“I don’t want to deboundstate without doing the derivation.”
— Libb Thims (2017), 12:53PM CST Jul 30

“I am an asoulist, aspiritist, abioist, achristist, apointlessness (pointfullness), moral symbols, go-thing, extreme realism
explicit atheist philosopher.”
— Libb Thims (2017), practice credo; arisen into mind following add of the James Watson quote to asoulism and check of ATDB table, 12:39PM CST, Tue, Jun 13

“If you can’t sell it in the chemistry class, don’t try to sell it in the human chemistry class.”
— Libb Thims (2017), re-occurring mental note on general rule-of-thumb; possibly on general terminology reform issues; arisen after 45-nap, following 4.5-mile counter-clockwise jog around golf course park and park loop, 4:54PM CST, Jun 12

“If you haven’t haven’t studied chemical thermodynamics, calculated your own molecular formula, and derived the equations of existence, you’re an imbecile; there doesn’t seem to be anyway else to put things.”
— Libb Thims (2017), “arisen mental note”, while ruminating on Bacon’s “we are much beholden to men like Machiavelli who write what men do, and not what they ought to do” + rumination on the multiple independent genius rankings of Giordano Bruno (IQ:190|#34) (RGM:84|#1,260+) (Cattell 1000:c.660) in the top 30 to 85 genius ranking position + reflection on ongoing (Ѻ)(Ѻ)(Ѻ) “ranking oneself” issues, May 30 + Jun 6

“They said that Darwin was ‘mad’, that Copernicus was a ‘joke’, and that d’Holbach was ‘insane’, but now look who's laughing.”
— Libb Thims (2017), mental note, thematic to idiocy derision, arisen while looking at the Haeckel colleagues quote on Darwin, while ruminating on Mathieu Buisson’s statement on d’Holbach and Philipp Melanchthon’s view of Copernicus

“Pat bites the bullet; Bam and Angela go homeless; the causalities of those at the front lines.”
— Libb Thims (2017), arisen mental note, 10:23PM CST, May 23

“It amazes the mind how one can go from ruminating on the reduction of all to the Clausius inequality, at one point in the day, to Tweeting (Ѻ) about Noah’s flood, at a latter point? The incredulity of humanity, give or take a Da Vinci or two, is stupefying.”
— Libb Thims (2017), arisen mental sigh, 11:40AM CST May 15

“It still is amazing, that one cannot find one intelligent person, existive or non-extant, throughout the last 114-years (Gibbs dereacted in 1903), the nearest thing to universal genius, whose mind was active in this period, being Neumann, who after tasting human free energy theory, ended up begging a priest for Pascal’s wager in his last days; then we have the oft-talked-about Feynman, the closet atheist, who but polished what Dirac did prior to him; the last Faustian mind to have been synthesized being Weininger, who also dereacted in 1903, after picking where Goethe left off, but then blowing his heart out in Beethoven’s last room. In modern times, we have the so-called best and the brightest, milling out of the paper factories, such as Wisner-Gross, the last triple major MIT valedictorian, who is able to get but babble out of his mouth, when it comes to the deeper questions, such as the relation between entropy, intelligence, and sexual relationships, or the IQ:200+ cited prodigy Luis Arroyo, who at age 20 could but produce his “A Thermal Model of the Economy”, which is but a stepping stone away from what the age 20 IQ:225+ cited prodigy William Sidis produced via thermodynamics. We might find a few semi-discerning existive minds, here and there, such as Weinberg or Hawking, who are able to probe deep in to nature and speak semi-cogently about conflicting matters, such as physics and religion, but more often than not the deeper hooks fall into babble as well, such as Weinberg’s pointless universe conjecture indecisiveness, or Hawking’s slow ability to ability to come out as atheist. One is also agape at the fact that in the year 2017 one can go a publicly made and ranked list of 1,258 geniuses, such as found in’s list of ‘Greatest Minds of All Time’, with 1M views, 400k votes, and 32k voters, and NOT find the name Gibbs, despite the fact that Einstein pointedly stated nearly a century ago that Gibbs is the ‘greatest mind in American history’. The befuddlement is obdurate. The Rossini debate is a macroscope testament to 21st century ignorance par excellence.”
— Libb Thims (2017), ruminating idea (related to Thims’ pre-2005 twin desire), possibly arisen while editing Goethe and mathematics, 7:41AM CST May 14

“I have to spend a certain number of hours per day greasing the wheels, sparking the kindle, and pushing on the kinetics of collision theory aspect of the situation, in order to get the mechanism operation.”
— Libb Thims (2017), mental note on wake-up designed “gears” diagram of the MailCubes-powered Nightingale Chair model, May 9

Goethe’s Elective Affinities is a modern remake of the Empedoclean idea that friends mix like water and wine, whereas enemies separate like oil and water, told such that the main couple, the Edward-Charlotte married pair (second marriage, dwindling passion) is compared to gypsum (aka calcium carbonate), i.e. Ca=CO3, where Edward is calcium, Charlotte is CO3, and the “=” is their deteriorating marriage bond. They decide, owing to "changing" (Heraclitus, c.475BC) circumstances, to invite, firstly, the Captain, Edward’s old friend from youth, and then, secondly, Ottilie, Charlotte’s deceased best friend’s daughter, whom she adopted, to come to stay with them, at their estate. The Captain, when he arrives, is compared with sulphuric acid (H2SO4), who when put in contact with the gypsum, triggers a reaction, wherein Edward (Ca) breaks with Charlotte (CO3) and goes off doing things with his old friend the Captain (H2SO4), therein re-forming the Edward=Captain (CaSO4) friendship of youth, thereby displacing Charlotte (CO2) as a sort of “single” gas molecule, left to herself. All this occurs by chapter four.”
— Libb Thims (2017), YouTube post (Ѻ), May 8

“I was chemically synthesized in the year 222 AG.”
— Libb Thims (2017), mental verbal note; arisen after adding (RMS:109) to the Libb Thims page, then removing the irritating AD dating system, 2:23PM CST Apr 18

“Not only am I an atheist (deny the existence of god), but I am also an asoulist (deny the existence of the soul), an achristist (deny the existence of Jesus Christ), an aspiritist (deny the existence of spirit), an amortalist (deny the existence of afterlife), an abioist (deny the existence of life), but – to clarify – NOT an amoralist (deny the existence of “morals” [or justice]). I am a moralist, one who believes that the “moral symbols” of nature are found in the symbols, equations, rules, and laws of physical chemist, as Goethe prophesized two centuries ago, and NOT a nihilist (believes that existence is meaningless, purposeless, pointless, and valueless), these can all be explained via free energy inflection point (e.g. Gates model).”
— Libb Thims (2017), mental note; arisen while penning the Margaret of Navarre article and seeing the 25 usages of “soul” (Ѻ) in Lives of Illustrious Women of All Ages (1860), 12:21 PM CST Apr 14

“In a Clausiusian universe, the ‘final cause’ conjecture, in the old Aristotelian universe, has been usurped by the new ‘final state’ (or end state) model.”
— Libb Thims (2017), mental note arisen while watching the suggested hyperlink options in making the links to the new “path-dependent” article (with thoughts of Lawrence Henderson and his view that the new system change of state model obviates the older cause and effect model; a general statement of teleology upgrade terminology (or purpose terminology upgrade), 12:32 PM CST, Mar 14

“The irony of Planck, one of the founders of thermodynamics, in 1937, at the age of 79, arguing for a compatibility between religion, which he says ‘wants one to act’, the foundation of which being based on the belief that heat is a god [see: supreme god timeline], the action principle of which being the soul, and science, which he says ‘wants one to learn’, the foundation of which being based on the belief that heat is the quantitative product the exact differential of entropy and the absolute temperature of the body, releasing or absorbing the heat, the so-called moral action principle of which, saleable down to the hydrogen atom, being yet indeterminate, is watershed moment in history.”
— Libb Thims (2017), wake-up reflection on reading Planck’s 1937 “Religion and Natural Science” lecture, 11:43AM CST, Mar 7

“On the parable of the magnifying glass: if your light is simultaneously spread over multiple areas, e.g. Smart Atheism: for Kids, Hmolpedia, and MailCubes, it is hard to get any one to ignite, whereas if the light of the magnifying glass is focused on one spot, the dry leaf can be easily ignited.”
— Libb Thims (2017), mental note on disbandment of 10-month existive two-person MailCube complex; arisen while running 3-mi in park, 1:45PM CST Feb 5

“That which goes against the atom cannot be true.”
— Libb Thims (2017), “arisen thought” while ruminating on Hmolpedia home page, with thoughts on the implicit extreme atheism nature of the site’s content; conceived amid making and posting the Thomas Paine “age of ignorance” quote (Ѻ) image, 9:41AM CST Feb 22

God’s getting in the way.”
— Libb Thims (2017), reoccurring mental note; stock response to why I am progressively pushing on atheism, day after 2 Kings 2:24 Facebook post; getting in the way of physicochemical humanities development, specifically, 10:00AM CST Jan 9

Dahmer’s Dostoevsky-stylized ‘why can’t I make up my own rules?’ ideology violates Pope’s ‘does gravity cease when I go by?’ posit.”
— Libb Thims (2016), wake-up mental note, 9:14AM CST, Nov 22

Thermal energy is a misnomer per reason that ‘energy’, per definition, is a conjugate variable, the product of an intensive and extensive quantity, and heat is only an intensive quantity.”
— Libb Thims (2016), wake-up mental note, 9:18AM CST, Nov 22

“All thing philosophers are atheists.”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental note on Hilda Finnemore (pgs. 4-5)

“You’re either with the universe, or you’re against it. Those against, as history has shown, tend not to last, and the time spent therein tends not to be pleasant.”
— Libb Thims (2016), reflective mental note arisen in mind, at three beer level, while sitting in chair, amid the interlude of Dr. Zhivago, while ruminating on the Incident Report #4 on house guest Angela, 9:44AM CST Sep 26

“Religion is simply a belief system that binds two or more people. The smart are always asking questions. This creates to new science. New science leads to new beliefs. New beliefs, in turn, lead to new religion. So the process repeats, eternally.”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental note while ruminating on the Jim Jefferies front matter quote, on how ‘smarts are always asking questions’, 3:17PM CST Sep 14

“There’s NO god in physical chemistry.”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental note while walking to fridge to get food, arisen following mental reasoning for potential for filling the new “Chair of Atheism” (Ѻ) at the University of Miami, akin to the need to realize the Nightingale Chair of Social Physics, in some form, 5:32AM CST, Sep 9

“There’s no god in Gibbs energy.”
— Libb Thims (2016), arisen mental note, thematic to the Beg-Thims dialogue (2014), the need for Smart Atheism: for Kids, while doing #1 in toilet, after sending following response email go Erich Muller and James Ferri about Ram Poudel doing his PhD, 2:32PM CST, Aug 22

“One cannot anthropomorphize thermodynamics; one can only thermodynamicize oneself.”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental note reflection on the Eckard Wimmer (2006) virus quote, 10:35AM CST, Jul 20

“It’s molecules and mechanism all the way down.”
— Libb Thims (2016), reflection on “spark day” (Ѻ) and “Briggs quote” (Ѻ) slides, 10:29PM CST Jun 7

“If one hears a story of the neighborhood ruffian, out with some of the local kids, who says: look, I’ll bet you I can kill that bird with this stone, and thereafter he goes ahead and does it, most would likely say that it was a ‘wrongact. If, however, one hears the story of a man, out with his family, on a broken boat, having been lost at sea for some time, who says: look, I’ll bet I can ‘kill those two birds with one stone’, and thereafter successfully does so, most would see the man as some sort of hero, and deem the actright’. The two parallel examples, accordingly, point to the view that right and wrong are system or context based delineations or demarcations.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “mental note” arisen, the day previous, when he envisaged that he could ‘kill two birds with one stone’ if he used the proceeds from, if it gets to a billion dollar evaluation, to fund a modern version of the Nightingale Chair of Social Physics, similar to the way the Rockefeller Foundation funded, for a short time (before dualism objections (Ѻ) brought it to a halt), the Princeton Social Physics Project, Apr 25.

“If the top doesn’t stop spinning that means you’re still dreaming.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “mental note”, prompted into inception per seeing foreverspin (Ѻ) advert + thoughts on Inception (2010) film + in the sense of one who “keeps the dreams of youth alive”, 10:22CST Apr 21

“It’s just a fundamental confusion that pervades the entire educational system.”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental note arisen, while going to the bathroom (#1), amid start of workout, following finishing the ChE + H coupling article, 2:40PM CST Apr 16

God was disabused explicitly from physics by Laplace (1802), implicitly from moral science by Goethe (1809), explicitly from chemistry by Wislicenus (1885), openly and privately from relativity and particle physics by Dirac (1927), and explicitly from thermodynamics and evolution by Blum (1934), in the wake of which the natural and exact sciences became ‘uncontaminated by spiritual values’, as Herrick (1930) put things, and science therein became atheism implicit.”
— Libb Thims (2016), re-occurring mental synopsis note; a truncation of the year god was disabused from science article, 10:34 AM CST Apr 14

“Need to get (a) $5 million to get North Shore beach mansion, so to throw raging ‘mansion beach party’, and (b) need to get personal driver, like the playboy in Abbott & Costello’s Buck Privates had and like Christian Gray had in 50 Shades of Gray, to remedy the on-going situation, e.g. like last night (Ѻ) when I got stopped outside the mansion party, at 11:30PM, by two police cars, who though I was a mansion robber, and all the cops swarming around me, around Touhy, when I took those two hot Persian girls to the after party at 3AM at the Mark II lounge, where Armando’s birthday party was chilling.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “mental note” 5:58PM CST Apr 11

“We time seconds based on the relativistic oscillation of the cesium atom, yet date years on a monotheistic rendition of the Osiris cycle.”
— Libb Thims (2016), laughable note, 9:01PM CST Apr 5

“While some may cautiously point out that materialism-based-atheism is a slippery slope, bottoming out, many times, in dark regions like Stalin’s bread lines, Hitler’s gas chambers, or Dahmer’s acid vats, others, more perceptive, are keen to realize that the need to explain the passions, pure and applied, reaching, in some cases, more illuminated summits such as Balzac’s feelings and affinities dialogues, the Goethe-Schiller passions like playing cards dialogue, or the Shelley marriage in the Church of Elective Affinities, is a more powerful movement.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “mental note”, arisen while marinating in the new Humpty Dumpty homepage image + mental back notes on the oft-parroted atheism atrocities fallacy (e.g. as employed in the Rossini debate) 12:29PM CST Apr 4

“It’s not the ‘in god we trust’ motto [1956] that is the problem with US currency, it is the series year dating system. The former is but icing on a cake that is made with a faulty recipe. The latter is so defunct that the cake has become rotten, and the stench only increases with each passing year.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “mental note”, arisen while penning the Marcus Varro article and his AUC dating system; following rumination, while working on the atheism types by denial and belief, on the dating system Epicurus would have used, 6:32AM CST Apr 4

“Certainly a deer jumping over a fence or thief climbing over a fence is different than say a leaf blowing over a fence or a paper airplane flying over the fence, but, nevertheless, all four phenomena are the result of a force moving an object through a distance, and thereby mediating work therein. In this view, when ‘physics has entered’ the scene, as Sherrington would say, all metaphysical, religio-mythological, and or supernatural superlatives, such as Herrick’s 1930 “spiritual value” talk [see: spiritual terminology reform], are barred from the discussion, in the same way that Dirac barred Einstein’s god talk from the 1927 Solvay conference, on fundamental quantum mechanics, as being inadmissible from the point of view of modern science.”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental note made while reading the Herrick Humpty Dumpty analogy, with reflection on test saying of this at BPE 2016, 11:27AM CST Apr 2

“People do not have sex with money, and money does not have sex with money, whereas people do have sex with each other.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “mental note”, on visually comparing (Ѻ) the Empedocles model (450BC) with the Cowper model (1782) with the Yakovenko model (2000); in particular the conceptual confusion in the latter’s “money = energy” (with temperature) model, 12:17PM CST Apr 1

“Just as it is no longer permissible to use “god talk” in fundamental physics discussions, as Dirac vehemently objected to, amid the 1927 Solvay conference (Ѻ), in respect to Einstein and his “god’s dice” talk, thrown about in his quantum mechanics debates, so too is it no longer permissible to use “spirit talk” and or “soul talk”, and the like, in fundamental sociological discussions.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “mental note”, a synthesis of summary thoughts on use of “spirit talk” by Howard W. Odum (1929), e.g. “scientific spirit”, Howard T. Odum (1976), e.g. “human spirit”, and soul talk and spirit talk by Inderjit Singh (Ѻ) in his “Essay on Mankind” (2016), 9:14AM CST Mar 31

“I read Odum the Father, Odum the Son, and Odum the Holy Spirit.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “Mental wake-myself-out-of-bed laugh Note”, after finishing reading Howard T. Odum’s Energy Basis for Man and Nature (1976), and deciding to read next Howard W. Odum’s An Introduction to Social Research (1929), with reflection on the younger’s use of “spirit” [human spirit] (Ѻ) amid a thermodynamics-attempting social theory, similarly the elder's use of spirit [scientific spirit (pg. vi)] and latter (2007) attempt at suppositioning an energy-based religion, i.e. “emergy morality” system; compare Yuri Tarnopolsky’s 1993 Soviet orthodoxy quasi-religion statement, 1:02PM CST Mar 30

“While some people think we have come out of the dark ages, I would intuit that we are still residing in Plato’s cave.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “mental note reflection”, upon looking at the new revision #1851 of the Hmolpedia main page, after receiving the full 10-volume print set, and marinating in the jump from the Goethe-Schiller dialogue (1799) to the Beg view (1987) to the visual of the print set, with the de Donder view (1936) of the relation between affinity and free energy shown on the cover, repeated ten times, 3:37PM CST Mar 28

“There’s too much zeal and not enough wheel.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “wake-up mental note”, commentary on proliferation of 21st century "seven-layer citation method" (in contrast to early 17th century conjecture based directly on experiment), e.g. empty econophysics, incongruous information-based thermodynamics, e.g. Wayne Angel’s bit-based enthalpy, and the BPE 2016 consortium varied topics in general, in respect to Otto Guericke’s “no truth without experimentbelief system motto, from his preface, and reasoning for undertaking his vacuum experiments (which he never intended to publish); day-after reflection and rumination while reading the emptiness of Howard T. Odum (1976) as compared to the rootedness of Howard W. Odum (1929); in the seeming synopsis sense that 95 of modern publications physics-based humanities publications, e.g. "bird in vacuum econophysics", are all zeal with no experimentally-based mechanistically-conceptually understood roots, the way Guericke went about things, i.e. in the Galileo-Kircher view of things, in his experimental investigations, as a hobby alongside his day job as mayor of Magdeburg, 7:52AM CST Mar 26

“It’s a fundamental law of physico-chemistry – deriving from collision theory – that one cannot get to the new bonds until the old bonds are broken. It is the reason why hot water freezes faster than cold water.”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental note on how Jeremy England wears a kippah while he attempts to explain “life”, to reporters (Ѻ), via thermodynamics, and “god said let there be light”, via Wittgensteinian language arguments, from his MIT physics office; conjoined with reflection on how I once (c.2014) talked with England about joining his team, 3:37AM CST Mar 24

“If a book does not contain one or more of the keywords: ‘physics’, ‘chemistry’, ‘thermodynamics’, ‘atom’, or ‘molecule’, at a minimum, then something must be inherently wrong about the book?”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental note (see: Beg analysis) made after Amazon (Ѻ) keyword search of Phishing for Phools: the Economics of Manipulation and Deception, by George Akerlof and Roberg Shiller, 3:24AM CST, Mar 23

“One of the noticeably-discernible commonalities in transgressing into the coming-out-of darkage Thimsian ‘atoms + thermodynamics’ formulaic theory of every ‘thing’, as compared to the going-into darkage Lucretian ‘atoms + chance’ formulaic theory of every ‘thing’, is the parallelism via which the same theory acceptance resistance difficulties are prevalent, such as Marcus Varro’s 50BC ‘the poets, through the conjunction of fire and moisture [see: Darwin’s warm ponddefunct theory of life], are indicating that the vis, ‘force’, which they have is that of Venus [Aphrodite]. Those born of vis [vis viva; vitalism] have what is called vita, ‘life’, and that is what is meant by Lucilius [c.120BC] when he says: life is force [see: Tesla] you see: to do everything force doth compel us’,’ or Lucretius’ 55AD ‘think of all the endless fantasies your priests devise, that can subvert all reasoned thought and turn your life to terror and confusion’ [see: new atheismdefensive atheism (Ѻ) / extreme atheism], which would seem to point towards some type of historical big history timescale social orbital trajectory theory of belief bond change actuation, akin to five-turn interpersonal make-up to break-up social orbital loop decoupling phenomena, which actuates in some relationship breakup dynamics, or something to this effect.”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental not arisen while reading Lucretius’ On the Nature of Things, for the first time, 5:07 PM CST Mar 21

“In order to understand hmolscience, one has to understand 100 percent that the Bible, and related derivatives, i.e. Quran, Rig Vida, Buddhist scriptures, etc., is but a collection of ancient proverbs, and semi-modern morals, i.e. rules for right and wrong, anchored into a proto-scientific mythological framework, framed within a tale of humans created from clay, amid a cyclical Nile river flood sun rebirth cosmology.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “mental note”, arisen while pausing amid doing bench and shoulder press sets, while looking at the parallel Bible sitting on the book shelf, 1:46 PM CST Feb 20

“In order to understand that every ‘thing’ we see around us is but atoms, and aggregates of atoms, moving about on a surface, one needs to de-brainwash oneself from five-thousand plus years of deeply engrained religious, mythological, false scientific, and taboo folklore inculcations.”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental note reflection, arisen while viewing the new 10:29 AM 20 Mar 2016 homepage, in particular the Balzac feelings and affinity dialogue + the “if we are made of atoms” quote box, 10:44 AM CST Mar 20

“The only thing that works against implicit theism is explicit atheism.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “mental note arisen while running 2-miles” after working on the “this idea” article, possibly with thoughts of the 2014 Beg-Thims dialogue in mind, and resultant follow-up switch from implicit atheism to explicit atheism, 3:40PM CST, Mar 18

“The modern world is so imbecilic it makes my mind spin.”
— Libb Thims (2016), reflection on the new Hmolpedia opening Goethe-Beg (Ѻ) image, 2:44 CST, Mar 15

“I don’t care who you are. You could be a student of the best chemical thermodynamics professor, namely: Gilbert Lewis, of the 20th century, and then go on to write a full and very successful textbook on Chemical Thermodynamics, and only after this, you might, per small chance, have balls enough, after winning a prestigious prize, e.g. the Priestly Medal, at the age of 72, to spend a few minutes at the end of your acceptance speech, talking about how chemical thermodynamics applies in the REAL world, e.g. to freedom and security, only to have underlying conjectures and implications of your ending speech be debated about 30-years later, after you have already passed, in some random Chemical Education journal, after a planes are flown into skyscrapers in the name of god, on the merits of your theory, amid atheists chemists and theist chemists, only to have your idea run amuck in stalemate, owing to 5,000-years of ingrained mythological beliefs, on both sides of the debate fence.”
— Libb Thims (2016), personal note reflection, made will ruminating on the 2013 Thims epicenter genius pic added to the Libb Thims (genius rankings) page, 1:56PM CST, Mar 15.

“I certainly would like to know, for all the sh*t talkers, chuckling to themselves, about Thims IQ estimations [done to appease people who keep asking this question], who exactly, in numbered ranked listing, are these so-called ‘smarter people’, moreso than Thims, on the planet currently reacting? As of 14 Mar 2016, I can only discern, at the present moment, that Christopher Hirata is either below me [intuited momentarily] or above me in intellect?”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental note; made after reactionary tinkering with the Libb Thims (genius rankings) page for several days; following most-resent posts (Ѻ)(Ѻ), of many in recent years; 6:15 CST, Mar 14

“The amount of thoroughgoing learned imbecility-ingrained ignorance prevalent going into the early 21st century, is captured well in the frequent boasts that so-and-so Fields Medal winner, e.g. Bhargava (Ѻ), Tao, etc., towers above Goethe in intellect, is epitomized by the commonly known rule, among intellectual climbers, that humanities degrees are for those who can’t handle mathematics, that mathematics is for those who can’t handle physics, that physics if for those who can’t handle engineering, that the weak engineering degrees are for those who can’t handle chemical engineering, that those who drop out of chemical engineering are those that can’t handle chemical engineering thermodynamics, the infamous spine-chilling (Ѻ) ‘weeder course’ of this exquisitely dense subject, that chemical engineering, over the last century, has consistently been at or near the top of highest paying degrees, for this intellectual hierarchy reason alone, and that applied chemical thermodynamics in the humanities is the tending to be retirement age game plaything of those lofty intellects that can career-wise sail over all of this, e.g. Rossini, Bridgman, Schrodinger, etc., and or a large percentage of newly-emerging IQ:200-range (Ѻ) cited child prodigies, e.g. Hirata, Neumann, Arroyo, etc., that Gibbs is the gate keeper of this plaything, the underpinnings of which were mused about by Goethe, in his Elective Affinities (1809), and prior to him Empedocles (450BC), wherein the former, building on the latter, ‘brooded over the juridical procedures of god’ (Ѻ), prior to the raising of the gate by Helmholtz (1882), the last of the last universal geniuses, who proved affinity to be gauged by the free energy of Gibbs.”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental note arisen while writing the article on John Platt, in particular his “The Sweep and Excitement of Science” (1959) address, 11:03AM CST Mar 13

“The affinity/free energy problem is to modern IQ:225+ range thinkers, of the 19th-21st centuries, as the blue sky problem was to every IQ:200+ range thinker of the last two-thousand millennia: Aristotle to Da Vinci to Einstein.”
— Libb Thims (2016), mental synopsis note (Ѻ) on the prevalence of growing hydraism-like (Ѻ)(Ѻ)(Ѻ) imbecility seen, 11:28PM CST, Mar 11.

“It’s as though I have a bigger sense of ‘chemical potential’ to fulfill (or realize). Women always just always seem to be getting in the way. Some even tell me so, namely: that they feel that way.”
— Libb Thims (2016), practice answer rehearsal, to long-time overly common reoccurring query “so why aren’t you married?”, after showing the new landlord my new exercise station (Ѻ), in anticipation of the question, who just had his second baby over the past weekend; jotted herein as note per realization that the term “chemical potential” seemed to arise naturally in the mind, as workable cogent synonym to the seemingly teleological and or atomic purview objectionable term “purpose” (e.g. it is difficult to sentence that it is hydrogen’s ‘purpose’ to bond with oxygen to form water), seemingly thereby to fill in as workable “purpose terminology upgrade” employable, in light of Vicente Talanquer's discernible chemical teleology terminology objections, in passing conversations; possibly even preferable than to “thermodynamic potential”, as suggested by Bruce Lindsay (1983), which has a less-recognizable immediate meaning, in everyday passing colloquial conversations, 11:45 AM CST Feb 26

“The amount of thoroughgoing imbecility in the modern world is so prevalent that the situation is akin to a meateater searching for intellectual sustenance, while locked in a greenery, with a vivid distant through-the-Google Books-window like view of historical golden age predator-prey vistas of the past, of the Newton-Hooke, Young-Lagrange, Adams-Gibbs, or Lincoln-Euclid variety.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “Note on new main page Seuss-stylized ‘things’ diagram” (Ѻ) + thoughts on sparsity of prodigy ripening (e.g. battle of the prodigies), 8:09 AM CST, Feb 23

“You can’t boil water with bits.”
— Libb Thims (2016), note reflection Sokal affair and hydraism nature of metallurgical engineer geologist Norman Dolloff (1975) citation of chemist Witold Brostow (1972), who in turn cites physicists Peter Landsberg (1970) and Edwin Jaynes (1957) who in turn cite electrical engineer Claude Shannon (1949) who in turn cites the “nobody knows what entropy is” joke suggestion of John Neumann (1940), 3:33PM CST Jan 8

“For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action. When connective sets of action and re-action pairs occur near an activation barrier, a chemical re-action occurs.”
— Libb Thims (2015), mental rumination on the second law of motion and chemical reactions; following seeing the term ‘re-action’ during video at gym, 3:49PM CST 17 Dec 2015

Religion is 70 percent mythology (i.e. Anunian theology), 15 percent astronomy (Sirius = Sarah), 7 percent geology (Nun = annual Nile flood), 5 percent natural science (e.g. dung beetles mounds = pyramids), and 3 percent pixie dust (i.e. fairy tale).”
— Libb Thims (2015), reflection on George Millin's 1896 attempt to relegate all religion to myth and good and evil to physical science, 12:14 PM CST Dec 15

“One can divide the world into those who see Elective Affinities as reality, and everyone else.”
— Libb Thims (2015), laughing visual reflection of Elective Affinities scale (Ѻ), Nov 30

“One must be able to derive, to a first approximation, the partial differential equations of existence before engaging in the process of existing.”
— Libb Thims (2015), long-time reoccurring mental note (e.g. 2012 comment to mental calculator friend Greg); above quote jotted at occasion of “derivation” page + possible reflection of Bridgman formulas, 4:16PM CST Nov 24

“I exist, therefore I am.”
— Libb Thims (2015), semi-reoccurring mental note statement; jotted down following start of “exist” article; upgrade to Descartesautomaton sentience problem concluding statement: “I think, therefore I am”; similar to Jefferson’s “I will cease to exist before …” and “existive” (upgrade to “alive”; a defunct term), 11:14AM CST Oct 16

“Tandem Felix (‘Happy, at last’). The inscription (epitaph), ordered by the tortured Ampere, to be put on his tombstone. Happy for 12-hours [2007], when received first published copy of Human Chemistry—while sitting on porch, in sunlight, sifting through pages—once, since circa 1995 doorway to hell opening. Still puzzlingly reactively existing, despite non-planed residence existence phase, with semi-reoccurring speculations of finding tentative future slot 6-hour of happiness slot. Possibly fate will be the same as the tortured Ampere?”
— Libb Thims (2015), re-occurring extended note on “6-hour” issue; initiated after finding article (Ѻ) on Ampere’s supposedly decreed (Ѻ) tombstone epitaph, cited (Ѻ) since at least the 1930s, despite not being able to find the inscription in photo (Ѻ); possibly has something to so with circa 1870s remains relocation (Ѻ), Oct 14

“I’m a ‘zerotheist’, which means that I believe in: bosons and fermions, rhythm and rhyme—or waves and tides—and zero gods.”
— Libb Thims (2015), mental note, arisen in shower; in practiced rehearsal for re-occurring queries about whether I believe in god or what my beliefs or religion is (see: zerotheism); a religion, from Latin ligare (tie or bind), between me, Henry Adams (1863), Goethe (1809), and Paul Dirac (1945); see also: Cicero etymology (Ѻ), as derived from relegere "go through again" (in reading or in thought), from re- "again" + legere "read"; see also: ZFK | Intro (13:12) (Ѻ): “Thor and I are what’s called ‘zerotheists’, that means …” (Aug 10), 11:25AM CST Sep 10

Zerotheism for Kids is like a de-Biblification for the mind.”
— Libb Thims (2015), mental note; while watching ZFK part 1 “Adam and Eve” part, 10:06AM CST Aug 26

“We come into the world one way. We go out another way. There’s nothing in between those two points but determinism.”
— Libb Thims (2015), looking into the mirror while putting contacts in arisen reflection, 7:02PM CST Aug 24

“I need to get up or get out.”
— Libb Thims (2015), mental rhyme note; arisen while driving home from opening night of “Straight Outta Compton”, circa 1AM, Aug 14

“Have you ever heard the phrase ‘running in hell’? Well, there’s two rules when you’re running in hell: (1) don’t stop running; (2) don’t look around.”
— Libb Thims (2015), mental note response, dating 20+ years and counting, to the most apt response, while watching Good Will Hunting, to the query: “have you ever heard the phrase ‘any port in in the storm?’", 12:07AM CST Aug 8

“As soon as you lose track of ‘why’ you’re doing ‘what’ you’re doing the mechanism begins to stop.”
— Libb Thims (2015) mental note; arisen while tanning at X-sport, for 10-min, while listening to the song “Talking Body” (Ѻ), by Tove Lo, after training for about 1.5-hours of treadmill and free weights; the song bring to mind the early age, circa 15-21-ish mechanism plan goal of getting hot girls with hot “bodies”, using standard classical male seduction techniques (Ѻ) and Bussean fall-in-love triggers (Ѻ), which work rather well, i.e. until one begins to run into unforeseen ‘blocks’ in course of getting ‘perfect bodies’, as the lyrics go, which result to create a feedback loop of cause-to-pause into the ‘why’ of the ‘what’ of the mechanism; Jul 10 1:19PM CST

“In the world of Real Genius (1985) (Ѻ), it goes from god to Jerry to Kent to the cleaners; in the Real World (2015) (Ѻ), defined by Rossini, it goes from Dirac to Thims to [protégés] to cleaner public minds.”
— Libb Thims (2015), an “it goes from god to …” mental note wakeup summarization of the seeming conclusion that there will always exist a sort of science-to-faith gradient, whether it be of the Egyptian science to polytheistic Imhotepism (2585BC) to local preachers to public gradient variety; or modern particle physics and chemical thermodynamics modern science to extreme-atheistic (Ѻ) Thimsianism (2011) to local evangelistic atheist preachers to public gradient; or, likewise, invariably future gradients that will exist in the millennia to come, as science progresses, 9:43AM CST Jul 8

“If a modern high IQ theist is an oxymoron; than a modern extreme atheist who dates years via anno Domini (AD) and before Christ (BC) is a hypocrite.”
— Libb Thims (2015), person note refection; arisen while drafting the George Smith article; following a reading of thread (Ѻ) post #5 and rumination on the 54+ post “You can be smart and believe in God” (2012) thread (Ѻ); along with the more recent 12+ post: “Can a religious person be a true genius? (28 May 2015) (Ѻ), “Voltaire was a theist” (9 Jun 2015) (Ѻ); amid recent email discussions with William Jensen about how defining Einstein as an atheist is a mis-label (29 Jun – 5 Jul 2015), 2:58PM CST 2015AD (or 265AG in Goethean calendar years)

“When a chemical engineer trains an economist a Nobel Prize is the result.”
— Libb Thims (2015), reflections on Paul Samuelson and the Jaime Aguilar-Arias education reform suggestion, 12:56PM CST, Jun 28

Belief in god should be supplanted with belief in enthalpy and entropy.” / “Instead of believing in god, people should believe in enthalpy and entropy.”
— Libb Thims (2015), mental note test phrase, arisen while writing the Thomas Paine article, amid visual reflection of the Atheism Reviews opening word scramble logo (Ѻ) , 1:57PM CST Jun 27

“[I’m an atheist] because I believe in atoms and energy, not Adam and Eve.”
— Libb Thims (2015), response answer to question: “So, why are you an atheist?”, from Brian, an age 18 atheist (who was at the 8 Jun 2015 Atheism Reviews filming session), circa Jun 12; mentally recalled and documented here 1:30PM CST Jun 27

Religion—Latin for ‘that which binds’—is the eternal shapeshifter; for science—Latin for ‘that we know’—is forever increasing. The former must always, in a haphazard manner, tail [or chase] the latter, just as the shape of the river bed entails the melting mountain snow; just as the unknown precedes the known.”
— Libb Thims (2015), note while reading Lee Strobel, Jun 21

“You get A’s so you can get the D’s.”
— Libb Thims (2015), word play mental note; arisen while on treadmill watching Seinfeld clip of George’s father explaining bra sizes to George, for his bra salesman interview, namely “you’ve got your As, Bs, Cs, Ds … and Ds are the biggest; to which George replied: “I know about the Ds [in exasperation] I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out how to get the Ds”, a spin on Beckhap's law, Jun 17 5:44PM CST

“It goes from Empedocles to Goethe to Beg to me; and the third believes in flying horses.”
— Libb Thims (2015), semi-ongoing mental note reflection on need to get to 100 Atheism Reviews videos, 12:21AM CST Jun 12

“It’s one thing to be quick at solving amusements such as jig saw puzzles, Fibonacci sequence patterns, the fly problem, or word rhymes, etc., but it’s quite another to possess the deeper ability to solve really profound puzzles, like the blue sky problem, clock syncretism problem, elective affinities problem, or that amid the Heraclitus-Parmenides debate.”
— Libb Thims (2015), person note; arisen following the Christopher Langan article start and general thoughts on IQ fakers, May 5

“No longer do we believe that humans originated from Adam and Eve, but from atoms and energy; created not by the power of god, but by the power of Gibbs energy. ”
Libb Thims (2015), quote thought, mentally noted, or jotted somewhere previously (possibly a play on Steve Paulson’s 2010 Atoms & Eden (Ѻ)), in something of the above form; documented here while writing the Adam and Eve article; itself spurred into existence during the soul mate article, and the connection that the premise of “original sin”, supposedly, derives from the Egyptian-Greek split soul logic, 1:17PM CST, May 19

“The present overarching morality system of the world, give or take 10-20 percent of the global population (who have, predominately, a Yellow River based belief system), is based on the seeming ancient perception that the sun (Ra) comes alive each morning, travels an arch through the sky, over a stationary earth (Geb), thereafter dying at nightfall, repeating this in a daily cycle, progressively growing stronger and weaker, in light and power, in a yearly cycle, decisively marked by the late Jun melting of the snow in the Ethiopian mountains, thereby causing the Nile River to flood (aka Nun or Noah’s flood), for 150-days, Jul to Nov, marked by the Jun 25 helical rising of Sirius (dog star)—the brightest start in the sky, culminating with the Dec 22-25 perceptual sun standstill, i.e. the seeming ultimate yearly “death” of the sun, at the location of the southern crux (cross) star formation; then conceptually seen to be reborn, on Jun 25, when the three king stars (three kings) align with Sirius to point out the birth location of the new young sun; all of which became anthropomorphized into the morality-based story of how Osiris (aka Jesus) was crucified (corn-like body shucked apart) at the time of the Corona Borealis (thorn crown) star formation, later being resurrected (or reincarnated) by his wife-sister cohort Stella Maris (aka Virgin Mary), or “star of the sea”, to become the judge of the living and the dead in the afterlife, via the method of the weighing of the soul, the number of sins, or acts of wrong doing, i.e. the measure of the weight soul, being 42 (aka negative confessions), measured against the feather of truth, based on the number of nodes (capitals), and associated nodal gods (later to reside in the hall of judgment in the afterlife), existing in upper and lower Egypt at the time of the formation of the 1st dynasty state religion in 3100BC, the gist of which is known to the modern world in the form of resurrection-based Abrahamic faiths (53% of world beliefs) and the reincarnation-based Brahmaic faiths (19% of world beliefs), i.e. Ra-centric theologies (aka Anunian theology) or Ra (phoenix) born of Nun (pyramid) following (Nile) flood origin of the universe based belief and morality systems.”
— Libb Thims (2015), truncated mental note (Ѻ) (V:5:40); ; seemingly trigged into existence per reading of Leonard Shlain’s 2009 Leonardo’s Brain, the night prior, and how Da Vinci jotted in his 1490 notebooks, using reverse mirror writing, anti-Ptolemaic Biblical logic, such as “the sun does not move” or “the earth is but a speck in the universe”, and how he rejected Biblical flood myth theory as the explanation of fossils in sedimentary layers of mountains, 1:54PM CST Mar 24

“You better be in the hospital or in jail if you cancel on me.”
— Libb Thims (2015), long-standing rule of thumb reflective mental note, while watching the “OK, where are you going” scene of Heat (1995), 3:02AM CST Mar 10

“Only go where your reputation precedes you.”
— Libb Thims (2015), long-time reoccurring mental note—likely on scratch somewhere—triggered into thought mechanism on getting no response after cold-emailing (Feb 17), jointly, Princeton sociology and chemical engineering heads, Miguel Centeno and Richard Register, on a proposal to revive the Princeton social physics project in the form of a “sociology + chemical engineering = physicochemical humanities” course to become PhD program, interblended with thoughts on penned a Nature (or equivalent journal) article, which creates such pull, that a powerful draw exists on me, 10:57AM CST Feb 20

“Until you openly—publicly and explicitly—reject god are you truly awake.”
— Libb Thims (2015) mental note arisen while writing the Simone de Beauvoir article amid thoughts on sister’s claimed atheism, albeit public closet atheist variety, in respect to her god-believing Jewish-Christian child raising program, 11:42AM CST Feb 8

“Always align with the realism of Patrick Fergus; never get lost in the styrofoam of academic bliss.”
— Libb Thims (2015), mental note, 7:16AM CST Jan 27

“The heat brings us into existence; the cold takes us out.”
— Libb Thims (2015), reflective note of the warm sparrow parable (Ѻ), 8:12PM CST Jan 20

“Just as when wood burns, that ‘humours, vapours, and phlogiston’ have nothing to do with it, it’s just two atoms of the element oxygen combining with an atom of the element carbon to make a combination of atoms bound together, a molecule of carbon dioxide (CO2), as Michael Rowan-Robinson (1999) would say, so too is the case that when two people burn, say in process of love, that ‘souls, spirits, and God’ have nothing to do with it, it’s just two human molecules combining to make a combination of atoms bound together, a dihumanide molecule (Hu2) in a relationship.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental note per reading pg. 4 of Rowan-Robinson’s The Nine Numbers of the Cosmos, 8:07AM CST, Dec 25

“What do you call the person who trains the assassins of God? Goethe.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental reflection note, from posts #42-44, in thread “You can be smart and believe in God?” (Nov 9) on the focus of the Atheism Reviews channel, 10:29AM CST, Dec 18

“If Goethe overthrew the 6th commandment, I need to overthrow the entire Bible.”
— Libb Thims (2014), duty mental note, arisen per penning of Goethe on religion article, 9:19AM CST, Dec 8

“Today it is no longer permissible to simply teach a man a trade—such as chopping wood or giving them an education—prior to sending him or her out into the work force, one must now also explain, to the new mind, the motive force for why one works in terms of partial differential equations.”
— Libb Thims (2014), semi-reoccurring reflective note, arisen into note jotting state, per starting of the prodigies and calculus page, 1:23PM CST, Dec 7

“Religious people—of the Abrahamic faith variety—have so much fun shucking insults at the atheists as immoral nihilists, heathens, etc., well they too are atheists themselves, of a different variety, namely: apolytheists, i.e. those who disbelieve in a multitude of gods. Atheists and polytheists are the same, only the latter believe in one less god.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental note arisen in mind, while contemplating the “Atheist’s Christmas Special” for the Atheism Reviews channel, 3:43PM CST, Dec 6

“A person is not governed by God, but by their passions. The passions, in turn, as Goethe pointed out, are governed by the elective affinities. The affinities, in turn, as Helmholtz proved, are measured by the free energies. The free energies, in turn, as Rossini explained, are determined by the time-changing entropy and enthalpy differentials of one's reaction system, a compromise between freedom and security. These, in turn, as seems to be the case, are coupled to the universe, in some yet unclarified way.”
Libb Thims (2014), mental note on Bertrand Russell’s 1956 Prologue to Autobiography quote, on what governed him, namely: love, knowledge, and pity, in association with his 1890 question of ‘Who made God?’ that turned him to atheism, 9:28AM CST Nov 10 + 5:48PM CST reclarification Nov 24

“One might find it ironic for an adult-aged person, of nineteen years reaction existence, with no knowledge of chemistry per say, i.e. having never taken a chemistry course, to within five years, of having been freed from the culturally-mandated minimum of high school level of eduction obtainment, complete a degree in chemical engineering, within ten years independently derive the human molecular formula, within fifteen years write the first textbook on human chemistry, and within twenty to twenty-five years go on to found the science of human chemical thermodynamics.”
— Libb Thims (2014), reoccurring personal note, triggered into note stage, per rumination on the inverse genius relationship phenomenon (see: mislabeled geniuses, 10:49AM CST, Nov 3

“We reactively exist in a 21st century social system, steered or governed, in part, by a 1st century morality system.”
— Libb Thims (2014), jotted on yellow notepad paper, while on the go, circa Oct

“If you’re not alive, you cannot die.” | “You can’t die if you’re not alive.”
— Libb Thims (2014), reverberating mental note, as a way to succinctly capture the direct implications of the “life does not exist” purview; triggered into documentation phase, via dialogue in the Jabr thread, 4:51PM CST, Oct 23

“The Bible is but a story book for adults, just as Mother Goose is for kids.”
— Libb Thims (2014), terse synopsis note; possibly influenced by the mAtheist app (Ѻ) reading of Clarence Darrow’s 1930 speech in Toronto (Ѻ) quote: “I don’t believe in God because I don’t believe in Mother Goose”, 1:43PM CST, Oct 20

“We measure seconds as 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between two specific energy levels of cesium-133, yet we date years to a day that never existed?”
— Libb Thims (2014), reflective note, following read of page 137 of Victor Stenger’s God and the Atom; and note to begin dating Atheism Reviews videos per Goethean calendar based years, 3:09AM CST Oct 20

“The only thing that sets people apart from the rest of matter, say as compared to a rock, automatons, or computers, is that a human is a powered CHNOPS+ structure, whereas rocks, automatons, and computers are not.”
— Libb Thims (2014), note per reading of Chris Rohmann’s “mechanism” (Ѻ) section, 10:41AM CST Oct 18

“People think it divine, merely because they do not understand it. Once understood, association to divinity ceases.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental note restatement of Hippocrates quote (Ѻ) or Hippocratic reductionism, in respect to modern-day divinity associations; compare Percy Shelley’s 1811 “every time we say” (Ѻ) quote, 8:19AM CST, Sep 28

“People say we are in the modern age, that we have come out of the dark ages, but this does not seem to be the case. We still seem to be in the eclipse of Lucretius. Ignorance, backwardness, and fear debased with mythology seem more prevalent now than two-thousand years ago ... as the old saying goes it ‘we are walking backwards into the 21st century’.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental reflection, per seeing opening Epicurus quote on “happens in myth” in Victor Stenger’s God and the Atom (2013), making of the “four horsemen of atheism” article (and image), to the atheism timeline, thematic to engagement into the new Atheism Reviews debate channel, 6:07AM CST, Sep 28

“It seems to be the case that more than ninety-nine percent of people are insane in regards to reality.”
— Libb Thims (2014), documentation note, following perusal of “conman” post (see: derogation); in alignment with Goethe's visit a madhouse quote does not need, 4:18 PM CST 22 Nov

“I must be a Democritean, Empedoclean, Epicurean, Goethean, Maxwellian, Adamsian, Paretian, Hendersonian, Rossinian infused thinker?”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental documentation note, per discovery and ordering of Bruce Hunt’s 1994 The Maxwellians (Ѻ) 3:52 PM CST, Sep 22

“A ‘moral’ person, so to say, will accentuate the stay of Vita — the goddess of life. An ‘immoral’ person, concordantly, so to say, will quicken the arrival of Mor — the god of death.”
— Libb Thims (2014) personal note reflection on the newly-labeled Mor, Prometheus, Cupid Elective Affinities: IAD cover (Ѻ), indicative of the view that: life (Promethean fire), love (Cupid’s arrow), and death (Mor’s arrival) are the subject matter of heat and chemistry, as depicted by Cupid’s arrows, the famous chemical injection claimed to cause a person to fall in love, the Promethean fire, i.e. the “vital principle or fire which Prometheus quickened into life his clay” (Ѻ), stolen from the gods; a semi-modern Greco-Roman upgrade to the Egyptian clay creation myth or origin of humans, which would have been an upgrade to the whatever pre-Dynastic origin of human theories existed, which in sum would seem to be an American upgrade of the Greco-Roman upgrade of the Egyptian upgrade of the pre-Dynastic upgrade origin of humans models, 1:43 PM CST, Sep 21.

Religion — as noted by Marquis de Sade (1797), Novalis (1798), Marx (1843), and Dirac (1927) — is but an opiate or opium for the mind; and like all drugs, it can be replaced, upgraded, or in some cases treated, with a better or less symptomatic one.”
— Libb Thims (2014), personal note (see: god face), arisen into view, conceptualized as the embodiment of the future day when the physicochemical belief system becomes the new religion for humankind, the term “religion” deriving from the Latin ligare “system which binds”, while attempting to add the 1927 Dirac religion rant to the atheism timeline, and thereby investigating the historical origin of the “religion is a kind of opium” phrase usage by Dirac, at 1:30 PM CST, Sep 17

“I only believe in that which is measureable, everything else is but speculation.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental reflection note on the start of the new Atheism Reviews channel 10:24 CST Nov 15

“You have to follow the flow of heat in order to gauge your sense of purpose.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental note arisen, and repeated a number of times in head, while driving home, after seeing super “hot” classy women walking through crowd, on a nice fall summer day, after going semi-clubbing that night, at the second floor of John Barleycorn, for a girlfriend’s birthday party, then waking up that morning with another girl, the latter being an interaction greatly lacking in energy and heat; note: Einstein on seeming to “divine a purpose” (Ѻ) or “sense a purpose” (Ѻ), seems have an influential connection to the latter part of the above phrase, 5:06 PM CST, Nov 14

“Just as there is no god involved when oxygen reacts with hydrogen, so to is there no god involved when man reacts with woman.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental synopsis of the Goethe 1809 point on the atheism timeline, Sep 10

“Is god involved anywhere at all in the operation of the steam engine? No. So it is with the humanities.”
— Libb Thims (2014), variant of personal note arisen on treadmill a week or so ago (possibly a recoil note in respect to recent Mirza Beg dialogues and discussions, Sep 2 @ 7:22 CST

“I come from the bottom, and I’m not going anywhere but the top.”
— Libb Thims (2014), long-time reoccurring personal note/pledge, arisen to mind while watching Crimson Tide (1995), at 13:40-min point; semi-reflective note, possibly arisen in respect to earlier today two cultures inquires email query sent out, following discover of Fernando Sanford’s 1899 address, to Stanford University bioengineering department chair Norbert Pelc, in regards to teaching a physiochemical humanities course at Stanford, Sep 2 @ 7:14 PM CST

“Suspend moral judgments when in a transition state.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental note, Jul 24 + Aug 2; second date arisen while watching "decision" scene of Lone Survivor (2013)

“I believe in fermions, bosons, and vacuum. Much theory must be jettisoned, and great terminology reform is in order, if this view is to be successfully carried through into the expunging of the humanities. One must, however, remember not to throw out the baby with the bath water.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental note arisen while running on treadmill, documented @ 10:02 PM CST Jul 20

“Does god, soul, spirit, karma, or yin and yang, etc., have anything to do with why hydrogen reacts with oxygen? No. So it is with humans.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental note arisen while watching “thee Trinity, that cracked the IRS Dbass, Jesus” scene in Matrix (1999) @ 2:55 PM CST Jul 20

“All talk and no equations makes Jack a dull boy.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental note, arisen while defecating, following a reading of a Ludwig Wittgenstein chess-playing zealot who in 2010 ranked Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus with IQ=155± (Ѻ) @ 10:20 AM CST Jul 20

“Some of the best writing is done, when the intention is to burn it all when finished.”
— Libb Thims (2014), reflection on the Thomas Young 1809 ‘burn what you write’ quote and the 2013 Great Gatsby film suggestion “write it down, even if you burn it all” when finished, as the writing brings you solace, 10:41 PM CST Jul 18

“One must have a principled existence.”
— Libb Thims (2014), arose in mind while watching the triangular formation gangster scene walk towards the house (for sneak attack), the 2000 Bruce Willis adventure crime comedy film The Whole Nine Yards, while running 3-miles at 15%-incline at 7.8-mi/hr @ 3:13 PM CST Jul 12
Baby bath water note
Visualization of 20 Jul 2014 mental note on jettisoning.

Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and human chemistry all have one thing in common, namely: there is no god involved in any of them, in their organizations, operations, or processes, neither at the start, at the end, or in any transformations throughout that may accrue.”
— Libb Thims (2014), came into mind, while on treadmill, amid Beg-Thims discussion, following a reading of Mirza Beg’s latest publication “Creation of the Universe Was Designed”, 2:43 PM CST Jul 11

“A person’s word is only as good as far as their actions follow-through in carrying out that word.”
— Libb Thims (2014), concise longtime re-occurring, documented for the sake of exactness, in phrasing, arisen via reflection, in mirror, on why, if I am forced to explain things, I blocked two woman’s numbers, on my phone, but not one other’s number, following recent cancellation of plans agreed on two of the three mentioned parties, 7:50AM CST, Jul 7

“If you were the smartest personal alive, you would know you were not alive.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental documentation note of three point (Ѻ) SPA purviews, 11:27 AM CST, Jun 23

“I much prefer reading, and writing [spontaneously] in the margins of books, as I did in the old days, when needed, without so-called ‘conscious’ awareness that what I may be writing in those margins will be read and cited by others, in the distant future, similar to the way I presently site Newton’s age 19 handwritten notebook quote about how Aristotle commented, somewhere, that while Plato may be his friend, ‘truth is his greater friend’, or about how Darwin wrote ‘never use the words higher or lower’, in the margin of his copy of Robert ChambersVestiges of the Natural History of Creation (1844), or how Fermat wrote his so-called ‘last theorem’, which states that a^n + b^n = c^n \,, where x, y, and z are non-zero integers, has no solution with n greater than 2, in the margins of his copy of Diophantus’ Arithmetica (c.275). As to when this semi-reoccurring irritating ‘awareness’ arose, is difficult to say, although it seemingly has progressively began to arise in recent years.”
— Libb Thims (2014), semi-reoccurring phenomenon, 2:41AM CS, Jun 18

“You have to go really dark to become a Newton.”
— Libb Thims (2014), while watching Hannibal Rising (2007) and seeing the meeting of Lady Murasadi (Gong Li) who starred in the dark 2006 remake of Miami Vice; the thought reflective of how Newton desired to burn his Mother’s house down and how his hatred of Robert Hooke resulted in all his photos becoming non-existent 5:18 PM CST, Jun 17

“I need to have the equations introduced per experimental findings.”
— Libb Thims (2014), while putting contacts in eyes while looking in mirror while printing out 41-page version of CTAH, c.4:30 PM CST, Jun 17

“We are but atomic geometries, moving about cyclically on a surface, via the action of forces, powered by the heating of the sun, embedded in a partially understood spin coupled Leucippean-Empedoclean universe.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental note, 1:05PM CST, Jan 27

“The choice comes from the forces that run through you.”
— Libb Thims (2014), concise statement note, emerged while glancing at the Einstein “chooses instead” statement in Morris Cohen letter, 12:38 PM, Feb 18

“You have to surround yourself with powerful minds to become a powerful mind.”
— Libb Thims (2014), reflection on Einstein’s Faraday-Newton-Maxwell images + Goethe bust surroundings, 4:27 PM, Mar 11
Surfing the Kelvin-Helmholtz waves
A “Surfing the Kelvin-Helmholtz waves” cartoon, John C. Holden. (Ѻ)

Relationships are like riding waves, surfing; every time one ends you have to paddle out into the surf to get on a new wave — only here the relationships are chemical reactions, the waves are electromagnetic, the dynamics of which governed by thermodynamics potentials, rather than gravitational potentials.”
— Libb Thims (2014), reoccurring mental note, jotted after awaking, the previous night having watched Point Break, then studied for 8 hours; the Einstein “life is like riding a bike” quote comes to mind here, albeit ixnay on the ‘lifeterminology usage, 10:59 AM CST, Jul 8

Chemical thermodynamics has a certain point of view that outranks all other points of view.”
— Libb Thims (2013), contemplative thought axiom, Mar 23

“The first and second law of thermodynamics govern every system in the universe; including social systems.”
— Libb Thims (2013), response, during end Q&A (segment: 44:00-44:15), of 16 Apr NIU lecture, to student question: “just to make sure I understand everything here, your basic premise is relating social interactions of humans to thermodynamics?”

“The man who has nothing to lose and all to gain will always triumph over the man who has all to lose and nothing to gain.”
Libb Thims (2013), contemplative thought axiom; reflection on newly made visual of new screenshot, May 20

“I believe in thermodynamics and the periodic table; and not much else.”
— Libb Thims (2013), personal note from practice statement on slide 8 of UPESW talk (see: atheist's creed), Jun 24

“My IQ is somewhere between Dr. Seuss, who in 1931 claimed an IQ of H2SO4, and Dr. Faustus, who in 1514 sold his soul to the devil for truth, knowledge, and power; the embodiment of the latter found in the mind of Goethe, who in 1809 professed that he and his wife were like CaCO3 (limestone), who when put into contact with H2SO4 (Captain) have no “choice” but to debond, and who in 1926 [Cox] became the first ever person ranked with an IQ of 225.”
— Libb Thims (2013) YouTube post reply to query by Paul Rael, Aug [2]

“The earth goes around the sun,
hydrogen attracts to oxygen,
and in between these two points,
you have to find out where
your movements lie.”
— Libb Thims (2013), hand written personal note, 11:46PM CST, Oct 17

“The steam engine does not run on 1s and 0s.”
— Libb Thims (2013), treadmill mental noted reflection on the recent add of the name Shannon in Hmolpedia citation rankings (152), an irritating weed theorist in the garden of thermodynamics, Nov 12

God is the aether of the social sciences, existing currently the same way the physical sciences existed prior to Einstein whose 1905 special theory of relativity could generate the same mathematical results, in respect to explanations of gravity, without referring to aether at all.”
— Libb Thims (2013), mental note arisen while reading pg. 373 of Zucker’s Field Theory of History, 10:09AM CST, Nov 14

“There’s no point in climbing the ladder—corporate or whatever—until one understands why one is climbing.”
— Libb Thims (2013), jotted down on paper assimilated while driving to work, Nov 15
Elvis playing ukelele (1961)
A photo (Ѻ) of mental note 18 Nov 2013, i.e. of Elvis playing the Ukulele; the most famous examples of which are shots, one example shown above (Ѻ), from the 1961 musical romantic comedy film Blue Hawaii. (Ѻ)

“What good is studying Euclid, if you can’t use it to explain why Elvis played the ukulele?”
— Libb Thims (2013), arisen in respect to pure mathematicians ranking in current smartest person existive genius rankings, Nov 18 [3]

“Only when you’ve experienced the pain of atrophy of the laugh muscles, will you understand the true sense of reality.”
— Libb Thims (2013), dental documentation statement, Dec 10

“Those datums will invariably be available posthumously.”
— Libb Thims (2013), mental note, 7:06 PM CST, Dec 16

“Where there are three students of nature, there are two atheists. Where there are three students of human nature, two are theists.”
— Libb Thims (2013), mental humor; modification of the 1884 Ludwig Buchner maxim, 2:27 PM CST, Dec 18

“So many social Newtons, so little time.”
— Libb Thims (2013) mental note; arisen after finishing a re-write ranking of the top 30 social Newtons of antiquity, and realizing, per realization of the amount of time it takes to digest the intellectual power center works of one social Newton, that I might have but 18-19 years± before my brain fries out (prior to Goethe 1809 intellectual peak), if I am to launch and found a two cultures university departmentcurrently aimed at Harvard, beyond the Harvard Pareto circle, and or Princeton, beyond the John Q. Stewart effortbeyond that of known semi-decade historical two cultures synergy attempts, while currently having time consumed or absorbed per the dating of about 5-6± women—possibly influenced by the 2008 “Three Matthew McConaugheys and A Baby” parody (Ѻ) quote: “so many women, so little time.” 3:01 AM CST, Dec 24

“The universe has a certain movement to it—and everybody wants to get in the pipeline.”
— Libb Thims (2013), mental note, arisen, while watching the “welcome to the real world” scene, from the 1999 film The Matrix, following invite, graduate school chemistry student, to lecture at Technion a few hours prior, with inflection in the increase in mate value received, per frequent girlfriend[s] query on "where are you going to lecture next?", and per the invitee reciprocal value accrued, likewise; which is put recourse to the original circa 1993-94 "I told my mother you were a chemical engineer" collision theory label issue puzzle of the nature of personal value (flow theory, coupling theory, etc., issues included), 6:54 PM CST, Dec 24

“Getting a PhD in biochemistry, is like getting a PhD in caloric theory, and later going on to call oneself a ‘caloricist’; all three referring to the study of something that does not exist, life in the former, caloric in the latter.”
— Libb Thims (2013), mental note, on Stuart Kauffman as being the only thing of note to have ever come out of the the Santa Fe Institute, 2:37 PM CST, Dec 28

“There must exist some unwritten principle according to which more natural power accrues via action derived from the impulse than as compared to action unfolding without the presence of the impulse.”
— Libb Thims (2013), Reoccurring mental note, felt at about the gym-missing window + thoughts on: Porteus impulsive theory of happiness + hiatus effect + La Cerra depression energy theory + reserve energy theory + Goethendipity effect + activation energy position (in respect to collision theory), etc., 4:28PM CST, Dec 30

“Never trust the work of a Templeton Prize winner or associate.”
— Libb Thims (2013), mental note arisen in reflection of recent adds to Paul Davies page; along with past thought on other Templeton-funded writers: Robert Ulanowicz, Terrence Deacon (Ѻ) , among others, whose mind[s] has gone to pasture, i.e. left the path of truth for sake of spiritual/God theory justification aiming/biased funding, 10:09 AM CST, Dec 9

“The smallest abrasion (or abrasive comment) can silence the most powerful of ideas.”
— Libb Thims (2012), personal note; written in black pen on printing paper, Sep 23
Are viruses alive (8 Jul 2014)
A 5+ liked Dec 2013 response to the query "are viruses alive?" (Ѻ)

“Not only do I not believe in the principle of the afterlife, but also do not believe in the principle of life.”
— Libb Thims (2012), personal note; written in black pen on printing paper, Sep 24

“My aim is to pen out the partial differential equations of human existence.”
— Libb Thims (c.2012), comment to mental calculator friend Greg

Time is but the absence of strong attractors.”
Libb Thims (2010), contemplative thought axiom; Reflection on Willard Gibbs' comment on his loss of the concept of time while writing On the Equilibrium, Mar 19

“There is a revolution awaiting to happen, greater than the combined revolutions of Darwin and Copernicus; if only I can make it happen.”
— Libb Thims (2010), contemplative thought axiom, Aug 13

“Once the body goes, the mind will soon to follow.”
Libb Thims (c.1992), recurring mental note; mind/body exercise philosophy

1. Libb Thims (self-derived quotes) – Institute of Human Thermodynamics.
2. (a) Thims, Libb. (2013). Query: “Who are you, a professor somewhere? And what is your IQ?”; asked (Ѻ) by Paul Rael, Aug.
(b) Note: variations of this "what is your IQ query" have been asked reoccurring since circa 2009; draft answers prior have been attempted, this is the first one that seems to hold in the mind.
3. (a) Arisen in respect to pure mathematicians ranking in current smartest person existive genius rankings, Nov 18 3:55 AM CST | the “why do people dance?” Paul Dirac query also comes to mind here; as does the 1849 James Froude quote on the point of knowledge.
(b) Quote: “What is man the wiser or the happier for knowing how the air-plants feed, or how my centuries the flint-stone was in forming, unless the knowledge of them can be linked on to humanity, and elucidate for us some of our hard moral mysteries?” (James Froude, The Nemesis of Faith, 1849).
(c) Thims, Libb. (2013-14/15). Chemical Thermodynamics: with Applications in the Humanities (Frode quote, pg. vii) (85-page version: pdf). Publisher.

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