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Louis de BonaldIn existographies, Louis de Bonald (1754-1840) was a French philosopher noted for []

In c.1802, of misattribution note, French physician Mathieu Buisson (1776-c.1805) vented that his opinion that Baron d’Holbach, author of The System of Nature (1777), was "insane"; the summary of which by L.S. Jacyna (1987) is as follows:

Buisson (Ѻ) held that the notion that the brain itself felt and thought was a ‘revolting opinion’ reminiscent of the ‘insane author [Holbach] of the Systéme de la Nature’.”
— L.S. Jacyna (1987), summary of Buisson’s criticism (Ѻ)(Ѻ) of Xavier Bichat’s 1801 theory (Ѻ) of physiological properties; note: quoted misattributed, by Jennifer Hecht (2003), to Louis de Bonald

In 2003, Jennifer Hecht, in her Doubt: a History, citing Adrian Desmond (1989), who in turn cites L.S. Jacyna (1987) and R.W. Burkhardt (1977), misattributes the Holbach is insane quote to the mouth of Louis de Bonald, as follows:

“The royalist philosopher Louis de Bonald cursed both the ‘insane’ system of d’Holbach and the species transformism of Lamarck.”
— Jennifer Hecht (2003), Doubt: a History (pg. 403)


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The following are quotes by Bonald:

“The deist is a man who in his short existence has not had time to become an atheist.”
— Louis de Bonald (c.1830)

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