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Luciano Floridi nsIn science, Luciano Floridi (1964-) is an Italian philosopher noted for his philosophy of computing and information theory in relation to ethics, e.g. entropy ethics, where he incorporates a view, similar to Norbert Wiener, that entropy, as a form of lost information (entropy (information) or information entropy), is a type of “natural evil” that can harm or destroy anything that anyone might value; although supposedly he didn’t derive his entropy theory off of Weiner. [1]

Floridi’s principles of information ethics:
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In recent years, modeled in theme on the four laws of thermodynamics, what have come to be known as “Floridi’s four principles of information ethics” are as follows: [2]

0. Information entropy ought not to be caused in the infosphere.
1. Information entropy ought to be prevented in the infosphere.
2. Information entropy ought to be removed from the infosphere.
3. The flourishing of information entities as well as of the whole infosphere ought to be promoted by preserving, cultivating and enriching their properties.

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