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Ludwig BartelsIn hmolscience, Ludwig Bartels (c.1961) is a German-born American physical chemist noted for his 2005 to 2007 work on synthetic walking molecules and molecular carriers.

In 2005, Bartels group reported on 9,10-DiThioAnthracene (DTA), a heat-induced synthetic walking molecule, and 2007 work on molecular carries, i.e. walking molecules able to carry a load, like a human carrying a bundle.

Bartels completed his BS in physics in 1991 at the Free University, Berlin, his MS in physics, at Fritz-Haber Institute, Berlin, and his PhD in 1997 at the Free University, and presently is professor of physical chemistry in the materials science and engineering department of the University of California, Riverside.

The following are related quotes:

“Effectively, DTA kind of rotates around each of the feet and wobbles forward or wobbles backward.”
— Ludwig Bartels (2005), interview with MIT Technology Reviews [1]

“Carrying a load slows the DTA [carrier] molecule down. Attachment of one CO2 molecule makes the carrier need twice as much energy for a step, and a carrier with two CO2 molecules requires roughly three times the energy. This is not unlike a human being carrying heavy loads in one or both hands.”
— Ludwig Bartels (2007), “On DTA as Molecular Carrier” [2]

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