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Malte Faber nsIn hmolscience, Malte Michael Faber (1938-) is a German economist noted, in human thermodynamics, for his 1985 to 2005 work in applying thermodynamics to economics, mostly is seems in historical commentary.

In 1983, Faber penned a number of what he seems to refer to as "physico-economics" publications, which helped introduce entropy into economics and sociology. [1]

In 1985, Faber began to pen several papers with John Proops on thermodynamics in economics; their “Interdisciplinary Research Between Economists and Physical Scientists: Retrospect and Prospect”, e.g. seems to go into a historical overview of economic thermodynamics pioneers, such as: Leon Walras, Francis Edgeworth, Stanley Jevons, Paul Samuelson, Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, among others. [2]

Faber studied economics, mathematics, and statistics at the Free University Berlin and the University of Minnesota from 1959 to 1964. He completed his doctorate (1969) and habilitation (1973) in economics at the Technical University of Berlin. Faber became professor emeritus from the chair of economics at the University of Heidelberg in 2004.

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Further reading
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