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Mary GuthrieIn hmolscience, Mary Guthrie (c.1987-) is an American chemical engineer noted for her 2009 tongue-in-cheek CNN-stylized “investigative report” parody “Why Students Choose Chemical Engineering?”, which she wrote and also acted in (as investigative reporter), wherein, via the dialogue of economics and chemical engineering student Jawad Mirza, Guthrie alludes to a hue of human chemical thermodynamics logic, in the statements that: in learning chemical thermodynamics, students learn about “heat transfer taking place between people”, the sign-off ending "may the force be with you", latter commentary such as how their exist “thermodynamic forces that compel people to become chemical engineers” (Rich Byrnes, 2012). [1]

Guthrie completed her BS in chemical engineering in 2009 at North Carolina State University.

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1. Guthrie, Mary. (2009). “Investigative Report: on Why Students Choose Chemical Engineering” (Ѻ) (writer: Mary Guthrie) (Mirza quote, 4:47-4:53; Byrnes quote, comment section), ChETube, CHEnected, Jan 13.

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