Mary Jo Nye

Mary Jo Nye nsIn science, Mary Jo Nye (1944-) (CR=11) is an American science historian noted for a number of detailed chapters and articles on the history of chemical thermodynamics, specifically the transition from affinity chemistry to thermochemistry to chemical thermodynamics. [1]

Nye completed her BS in chemistry from Vanderbilt University and her PhD in the history of science at the University of Wisconsin in 1970.

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(b) Nye, Mary Jo (1999). Before Big Science: the Pursuit of Modern Chemistry and Physics, 1800-1940 (ch. 4: Thermodynamics, Thermochemistry, and the Science of Energy, pgs. 88-146). Harvard University Press.

Further reading
● Lindberg, David C., Porter, Roy, Jo Nye, Mary, and Numbers, Ronald. (2003). The Cambridge History of Science: the Modern Physical and Mathematical Sciences (pgs. 494-95). Cambridge University Press.
● Nye, Mary Jo. (2011). Michael Polanyi and His Generation: Origins of the Social Construction of Science. University of Chicago Press.

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