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Mary Roach nsIn hmolscience, Mary Roach (c.1968-) is an American science writer noted, in cessation thermodynamics, for her 2005 Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife, wherein he she gives a historical of scientific soul theories.

In 2005, Roach, in her Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife, gave a definition for a soul theorist, while interviewing American physician Gerry Nahum, concerning his negative entropy theory of consciousness; the following being the main excerpt:

“My ignorance is not merely deep, it is broad; it is a vast ocean that takes in chemistry, physics, information theory, thermodynamics, all the many things a modern soul theorist must know.”

Roach devotes about ten pages to American chemical engineer and physician Gerry Nahum’s “Proposal for Testing the Energetics of Consciousness and its Physical Foundation”, in which he desires to get $100,000 grant funding to thermodynamically quantify the mass of consciousness, leaving the body after death, hypothesized to turn into a post-cessation type of ‘free-floating consciousness energy”.

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