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Matthew SegallIn hmolscience, Matthew Segall (c.1991-) is an American philosopher, who seems to self-identify as a panexperientialist, albeit teetering in 2014 towards anthrodecentric philosophy (Ѻ), possibly akin to a deanthropomorphize train of thought and or near to Charles Sherrington's denouncement of "anthropisms", generally noted for his 2007-present attempt to ferret out some type of extrapolate down and or extrapolate up work-in-progress philosophy in respect to questions of the soul, life, meaning, experience, and ecology, self-conceptualized modern Whitehead-stylized-Plato, as he seems to the case.

In 2007, Segal launched the YouTube channel 0ThouArtThat0 (Ѻ), wherein he uploads video discussions among topics, e.g. free will, evil, consciousness, materialism, morality, religion conflictions, experience, etc., and scholars, e.g. Rudolf Steiner, Pierre Teilhard, Arthur Young, Alan Watts, Henri Bergson, Giordano Bruno, Benjamin Libet, Stuart Kauffman, Friedrich Nietzsche, Bruno Latour, Eckhart Tolle, etc., amid the materialism-physicalism philosophy borderland.

In 2011, Segall published On the Matter of the Life: Towards and Integral Biology of Economics, wherein he explores the ideas of thinkers like Alfred Whitehead, Francisco Varela, Jean Gebser, William Irwin Thompson, and Alf Hornborg in an attempt to critique both techno-industrial capitalism and mechanistic biology. [1]

In 2013, Segall, published Physics of World-Soul, wherein he used Whitehead’s animate cosmology to expose, in his view, the inadequacy of traditional materialistic-mechanistic metaphysics. [2]

In 2014, Segall published a booklet on the philosophical work of Friedrich Schelling. [3]

In 2013, Segall stated the following about his religious beliefs:

“I closer to a panentheist. Do I believe in a personal God? My response to this question, were I as wise as he, would be something like Carl Jung's [response (Ѻ) to query: ‘do you still believe in god?]: I don’t need to believe, I know.”
— Matthew Segall (2013), YouTube forum post (Ѻ) about belief in god

Namely that his views are similar to Carl Jung who stated that he doesn’t believe, but rather he “knows god exists”.

In 2000s, Segall seems to have been auto-didactic in learning. In 2014, he completed some type of philosophy degree California Institute of Integral Studies. (Ѻ) Presently, Segall is doing graduate coursework and lecturing on the topics surrounding an “anthrodecentric philosophy” of nature (Ѻ), a seeming compromise between evolutionary panpsychism and eliminative materialism. [4] In 2015, Segall stated that he was going to do his PhD dissertation on the following: (Ѻ)

Dissertation = Alfred Whitehead + Friedrich Schelling + Rudolf Steiner

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Mathew Segall (labeled)
A labeled version of Segall's Facebook Plato and Aristotle at the “School of Athens” avatar, with Whitehead's process philosophy in hand. [5]
Quotes | Cited
The following are quotes employed by Segall:

“The key notion from which [the construction of a cosmology] should start is that the energetic activity considered in physics is the emotional intensity entertained in life.”
Alfred Whitehead (c.1910), cited by Segall in 2014 lecture [6]

“It is very certain that it is the effect of conversation with the beauty of the soul, to beget a desire and need to impart to others the same knowledge and love. If utterance is denied, the thought lies like a burden on the man. Always the seer is a sayer. Somehow his dream is told: somehow he publishes it with solemn joy: sometimes with pencil on canvas; sometimes with chisel on stone; sometimes in towers and aisles of granite, his soul's worship is builded; sometimes in anthems of indefinite music; but clearest and most permanent, in words.”
Ralph Emerson (c.1910), description quote of 0ThouArtThat0 (Ѻ) video channel

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