Max Verworn

Max VerwornIn hmolscience, Max Verworn (1863-1921) was a German physiologist

In circa 1895, Verworn proposed the term “biogen” as a kind of living molecule that is constantly modified by chemical processes within the protoplasm. [1]

The following are related quotes:

“The psychic phenomena of the protists form a bridge that connects the chemical processes of the inorganic world with the psychic life of the highest animals; they represent the germ of the highest psychic phenomena of the metazoa and of man.”
— Max Verworn (1889), Psycho-physiological Studies of Protists; cited by Ernst Haeckel (1899) [2]

“The actual discoverer is not the one who finds something new, but rather whoever is first to understand its meaning.”
— Max Verworn (c.1890) (Ѻ)

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