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In existographies, Maxwell McGlashan (1924-1997) was an English chemical thermodynamicist, noted for []

McGlashan completed his undergraduate degree in, presumably chemistry, at Canterbury University College, New Zealand and completed his PhD under Edward Guggenheim, at the University of Reading, and in 1964 became chair of physical chemistry at University of Exeter, and from 1974 to 1989 was head of the department of the mathematical and physical sciences, at University College London. [2]

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“The history of thermodynamics is in fact much more difficult than thermodynamics itself.”
— Maxwell McGlashan (1966), “The Use and Misuse of the Laws of Thermodynamics” [1]

“I cannot remember ever having sold a book but I once burnt one. It was a textbook of thermodynamics. I have felt a little guilty about that ever since, but only because the particular book that so incensed me at the time was in fact not much worse than nearly all the others in its field.”
— Maxwell McGlashan (1966), “The Use and Misuse of the Laws of Thermodynamics” [1]

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(b) Anderson, Greg; Cherar, David. (1993). Thermodynamics in Geochemistry: the Equilibrium Model (pg. viii). Oxford.
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● McGlashan, Maxwell. (1979). Chemical Thermodynamics. Academic Press.

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