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A god genealogy of the Memphis creation myth (2800BC), with the god Ptah as the supreme god, who creates the Nun and the Heliopolis ennead or group of 9 gods.
In religio-mythology, Memphis creation myth is []

In 2800BC, the religious power center in Egypt switched from Heliopolis, and the sun-centric creation myth (see: Heliopolis creation myth), to one centered on the god Ptah, the supreme god of Memphis, conceived as a primary creative force that made the Nun, as shown adjacent [1]

In Memphis, Ptah was deemed the maker of the golden egg, out of which the sun was born; artistic renditions of which are shown below:

Ptah (making golden egg)


In 2400BC, religious power in Egypt switched to the city of Hermopolis, and therein the Memphis creation myth was usurped by the Hermopolis creation myth, wherein Ptah, as the initial creative entity, is usurped by the an 8-god family called the "ogdoad", who creates Ra-Atum, who in turn creates the ennead..

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