Messingen Feuersprutz

Messingen Feuersprutz
Above left: a replica of the type of pump used by Guericke, of the Messingen Feuersprutz variety, from the Guericke exhibition in the Lukasklause in Magdeburg. [2] Above right: the schematic of Guericke performing his famous beer keg vacuum experiment, using a Messingen Feuersprutz modified into the form of a suction pump. [1]
In science, Messingen Feuersprutz is a type of squirt gun like fire extinguishing device used commonly in Germany in the 1600s.

Vacuum pump
In c.1652, Otto Guericke took a Messingen Feuersprutz and retooled it so that it could both squirt water and suck water, and therein invented a prototype vacuum pump. [1]

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