Monism vs dualism

monism vs dualism
A monism vs dualism visual synopsis from Libb Thims’ “Zerotheism for Kids” (2015) lecture (part 4; 8:33-10:15), wherein he contrasts the early 20th century physical chemistry based monism Wilhelm Ostwald with the early 16th century analytical mechanics + religion based dualism ideas of Rene Descartes. [1]
In hmolscience, monism vs dualism refers to a description and comparison between monism, or belief that one principle or "one nature" (one culture) governs all, and dualism, a belief that two principles or "two natures" (two cultures) govern all, in short.


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1. Thims, Libb. (2015). “Zerotheism for Kids” (co-host: Thor) (main), 14-part [4:41-hr] lecture playlist (Ѻ), 5-intro sides (Ѻ), 56-main sides (Ѻ), 11AM-3PM, Chicago, Aug 10 (recorded), Sep 7 (published).

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