Mr. Carbon Atom

Mr Carbon Atom (2010)
English biologist Mark Janes dressed up as "Mr. Carbon Atom" to exemplify that he is a type of amplified carbon atom.
In hmolscience, Mr. Carbon Atom is an educational character conceived by English biological scientist Mark Janes in 2009 consisting of a black suit and top hat on which various medallions of atomic properties of the carbon atom are placed, so as to signify that the human being is a “gigantic carbon atom”.

In 1993, English biologist Mark Janes completed chemical engineering coursework in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer, among other subjects, at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. In the years to follow, Janes began to study biology and pharmaceutical sciences. In 2002, at the age of 29, from Janes’ online biography, he states: [1]

“I bought my first house. This changed my life and gave me a unique ability to design my environment to tailor my eccentric and complex needs alone. I had all the space I needed to develop intellectually. I could make my house the pallet and canvas for my scientific ideas. I produced my work as posters which I could line the inside of my house with, and therefore constantly review the material. Hence this is ‘my cell, the primary Lyme Avenue installation. It was at this juncture that I had identified the possibility of an amplification phenomenon in nature through Carbon 12. I also embraced electronegativity as a model of my own desires and reactivity. I could see and feel physics in my everyday life. The ideas started to flow and I became manically focused. I also realized that there appeared to be a conservation process in nature, which produced organisms from quantum and nuclear carbon atomic origins.”

In circa 2006, Janes began to develop his “carbon entromorphology” theory in which a person is viewed as a type of ‘amplified atom’ or ‘gigantic carbon atom’, with wave and particle properties, and in which the logic of thermodynamics, particle physics, and other atomic modeling principles apply to explain behaviors of humans.

In 2009, on a whim invitation to a Halloween party, dressed up a “Mr. Carbon Atom” (adjacent), which was a hit, decorated with the various atomic orbitals and properties of carbon; which resulted in a follow-up 2010 video on Mr. Carbon Atom. In his own words:

“Towards the end of 2009 I came up with the idea of ‘Mr Carbon Atom’. I had a suit made which allowed me to put symbols on my body to show the mirror image of myself to that of atomic carbon anatomy. It allowed me to demonstrate how atomic physics is all around us defining every moment of our lives.”

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Janes’ appeal to the hard physical sciences to explain biology, and his conception of Mr. Carbon Atom, is similar to American zoologist William Patten’s 1919 attempted to outline how the modern person might go about deriving a science-based system of morality and future governing constitution for a ‘molecular society’, of people considered as ‘human social atoms’ (social atoms) or ‘human molecules’, based on chemistry, physics, and astronomy; wherein he defined a person as "Mr. Molecule". [2]

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