Negentropic life

In hmolscience, negentropic life is oft-used conjunction term meant to represent Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger’s 1943 What is Life? argument that life is something that feeds on negative entropy or ‘negentropy’, as it has since come to be called in its shortened form.

In 2002, American philosopher Christian de Quincey, in reference to heat death theory, stated the following: [1]

“The cosmological prediction of entropicheat death’ of the universe [occurs when] all available physical energy if used up, and all pockets of negentropic life will have disappeared forever.”

The recent 2007 work Negentropy and its New Global Meaning by Italian engineer Valter Caggio seems to be representative of the typical way thinkers attempt to theorize about negentropic models of life. [2]

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