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A example (Ѻ) of “woo woo physics”, aka “new age physics”, a quote on energy and reality, according to Darrly Anka (Ѻ), a self-described “channeler” of Bashar, a being of extraterrestrial origin (V), a sub-branch of the overall new age movement, i.e. “new” appealing ideas of the ages, crouched in hues, angles, or aspects of reality, some or much of which tends to be distorted, biasing the presentation in a non-neutral anthropomorphic, often self-help, manner.
In terminology, new age, new age science (Ѻ), new age physics, 1970s terms, or more recently: “woo woo”, a 1990s term, or woo woo physics, quantum woo (Ѻ), quantum physics woo, quantum mysticism (Ѻ), or combinations thereof, such as “new age woo-woo physics” (Ѻ), and or fringe science, etc., refers to, in effect, someone who seemingly pulls seeming reconcilable religion and or philosophical solutions out of science the way a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, using smoke and mirrors, in such a “new” way that it makes the crowd and or the masses go “woo”, the way the audience responds, at first, to seeing a magical rabbit come out of nowhere.

In the early 19th century, the term “new age” was in usage, representative of a coming time of future torch lit time of spiritual enlightenment, typified by a seeming reconciliation of religion, philosophy, and science:

“The stolen and perverted writings of Homer and Ovid, of Plato and Cicero, which all men ought to contemn, are set up by artifice against the sublime of the Bible; but when the new age is at leisure to pronounce, all will be set right, and those grand works of the more ancient and consciously and professedly inspired men will hold their proper rank; and the daughters of memory shall become the daughters of inspiration. Shakespeare and Milton were both curbed by the general malady and infection from the silly Greek and Latin slaves of the sword. Rouse up, O young men of the new age! Set your foreheads against the ignorant hirelings! For we have hirelings in the camp, the court, and the university; who would, if they could, for ever prolong corporeal war. Painters! on you I call! Sculptors! Architects! suffer not the fashionable fools to depress some powers by the prices they pretend to give for contemptible works, or the expensive advertising boasts that they make of such works.”
William Blake (1809), preface to Milton a Poem (Ѻ)

In the 1970s, the term “new age science” and or “new age physics”, were in common usage, typified by the work of Fritjof Capra.

In 1975, American physicists Jack Sarfatti (1939-) and Fred Wolf published Space-Time and Beyond, cited in Gary Zukav's 1979 The Dancing Wu Li Masters: an Overview of the New Physics (Ѻ), which Sarfatti claims (Ѻ) started the “new age physics” movement.

In the 1990s, the skeptic derogatory term “woo” or “woo-woo” (Ѻ) began to be employed as labels of vacuous new age theories.

In 2010, the term “woo woo”, being a reference to the work of a: crackpot, metaphysicist, mystic, new ager, or combinations therein, e.g. referring to someone as a “woo woo crackpot” (Ѻ), began to be associated with the vernacular of American evangelical Christian turned skeptic Michael Shermer. In a 2010 debate, backed by Sam Harris, on the subject of “Does God Have a Future”, with Deepak Chopra, Shermer stated the following to the debate audience: [1]

Chopra’s [quantum spirituality] arguments are the very embodiment of ‘woo woo’ [or woo woo physics].”

In 2011, Shermer, in his The Believing Brain, referenced the term “woo woo” as referring generally to someone who adroitly uses fuzzy language to string together words and phrases to the effect that something intelligible is being said. [2]

In the 2010s, Nassim Haramein has often been labeled as "new age".

In 2013, Irish physicist Philip Moriarty, in his “Quantum Physics Woo” video, discusses American geneticist Robert Lanza’s 2007 theory of biocentrism (Ѻ), referred to by fellow newager Deepak Chopra as “original and existing” (Ѻ), which argues that quantum physics proves that afterlife exists, an argument Moriarty labels as “quantum physics woo”. [4]

The following are related quotes:

Wolf’s quantum physics [of consciousness] are on the fringes of mainstream science.”
— Anon (2007), Newsweek article (Ѻ) on Rhonda Byrne’s law of attraction based The Secret

Thims’ thermodynamic coupling proof that ‘good always triumphs over evil’ is nothing but ‘calculus coated woo’, hidden behind a smokescreen of rhetorical mathematics.”
Ryan Grannell (2011), “On Human Chemistry” [3]

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● Chopra, Deepak. (2010). “Woo Woo is a Step Ahead of (Bad) Science” (V), Huffington Post, Feb 18.

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