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Nicolas ChamfortIn existographies, Nicolas Chamfort (1741-1794) (IQ:155|#603) (Cattell 1000:958) (RGM:565|1,500+) was a French writer, epigramist, and aphorist, noted for []

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“The aphorism as a deliberately cultivated literary form, as distinct from something said briefly, did not appear in European literature until the Renaissance, when the aphoristic writings of Erasmus, Michelangelo, Paracelsus and Bacon, but above all those of the line of French philosophers from Montaigne to Chamfort, bestowed on it the distinctive character by which we now recognize it.”
Reginald Hollingdale (1990), “Introduction” to Georg Lichtenberg’s The Waste Books (1799) [1]

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“A witty woman once told me something which may well be the genuine secret of her sex: that in choosing a lover each one of her kind takes more account of how other women regard him than of how she regards him herself.”
— Nicholas Chamfort (c.1790) (Ѻ)

“The art of the parenthesis is one of the great secrets of eloquence in society.”
— Nicholas Chamfort (c.1790) (Ѻ)

“Petty souls are more susceptible to ambition than great ones, just as straw or thatched cottages burn more easily than palaces.”
— Nicholas Chamfort (c.1790) (Ѻ)

1. Lichtenberg, Georg. (1799). The Waste Books (translation and Introduction: Reginald Hollingdale) (pg. x). Penguin, 1990.

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