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In mythology, Nordic mythology, aka “Norse mythology”, refers to the c.700AD cultural rescript (see: god character rescripts), in the Germanic regions, of Egyptian mythology, centered around the gods: Odin (Ra), Thor (Horus), Loki (Set), and Frigga (Isis); and motifs such as Thor’s oak (Osiris’ tamarisk tree / Christmas tree), loss of one eye, e.g. Odin’s eye (eye of Ra) or Thor’s eye (eye of Horus), “spearing motif”, among others.

Eye of Odin | Eye of Thor
The motif of both Odin and Thor losing their eyes in battle, supposedly, derives from the myths of Ra and Horus (see: eye of Horus) losing their eyes in battle, which are astro-theology motifs based on the sun and moon losing their luminosity during eclipse and new moon, respectively:

Eye of Odin (Ra) and Eye of Thor (Horus)


Spearing motif
The myth of Loki tricking Hod to stab his brother Balder in the side with a mistletoe spear, according to Dorothy Murdock derives from the same motif as that in the myth of a solder spearing Jesus in the side during his crucifixion:

“And then [during crucifixion] often stabbed in the side with a sharp object, e.g. in the Odin myth a mistletoe spear.”
Dorothy Murdock (c.1999), interview (12:20-)

The “Roman solder spearing Jesus in side motif”, as has been pointed out by Libb Thims (c.2018), in turn derives, astro-theologically in some way, from “opening of the mouth” ceremony and the “spearing of Osiris” in the face by Horus, as shown on the walls of Dendera Temple, below left: [3]

Spear motif


Santa | Thor
The following shows the basics of how the motif of Thor, holding his hammer, being pulled through the sky by two goats named Cracker and Gnasher, became the motif of Santa, holding his jingle bell, being pulled by Rudolf: [2]

Santa and Thor


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