In cyphers, OTT, as compared to TOT, refers to []

In 1809, Goethe, in his Elective Affinities, stylized the names of five characters, the four main characters (Edward, Charlotte, Captain, and Ottilie), and the child (Otto) that is born during the course of the novel, in a coded way, as pointed out by John Williams (1998), to the effect that each has an “ott” root to their name; specifically, Ott is the stem of the names of Eduard (his baptism name was Otto), Charlotte, the Captain (his baptism name was Otto), Ottilie, and the child, each being a reference to "Saint Ottilia" (c.634), legendary child who having been born blind, had her vision restored at age 12, thereafter being named "Sol Dei" (Ol-dei), or "God Sun", i.e. sun of god, or sun god, or some equivalent, the hidden message, in Goethe's mind, supposedly, being that just as each of the five OTT-characters (Edward, Charlotte, Captain, Ottilie, Otto), in the the cryptic novel, are CHEM-children of the sun, so are the rest of us, and that as soon as we see this "new" view of things, we will have our "vision restored", and thereby come out of the dark ages, or Plato's cave, or something along these lines. [1]

The following are related quotes:

“Are you [Edward and Captain] not both named Otto [OTT]?”
Goethe (1809), Elective Affinities (P1:C3) (Ѻ)

“When you start to see the world though 'chemical eyes' or Gibbsian eyes then you’ll have a new morality.”
Libb Thims (2015), “Zerotheism for Kids”, Monday Lecture, Chicago, Sep 7 [2]

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2. Thims, Libb. (2015). “Zerotheism for Kids” (co-host: Thor) (main), 14-part [4:41-hr] lecture playlist (Ѻ), 5-intro sides (Ѻ), 56-main sides (Ѻ), 11AM-3PM, Chicago, Sep 7.

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