Odum school

Odum School
The three key figures of the so-called "Odum school", namely: the energy-themed ecosystems views of the brothers Eugene Odum and Howard Odum, and the holism views of their father Howard W. Odum.
In schools, Odum school refers either to (a) the work of zoologist turned ecosystem theorist Eugene Odum (1917-2002), e.g. the Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia, is named after him, some classifying him, in this circle, as the “father of systems-based thinking in the United States” (Ѻ), and his students, e.g. Robert Ulanowicz; (b) the Alfred Lotka based work of his younger brother ecosystem ecologist Howard T. Odum (1924-2002), and his students, e.g. Charles Hall, a "disciple" of the systems ecology work H.T. Odum, or others from the “University of Florida” school of energetics, e.g. Corrado Giannantoni (2002); or (c) the sociological work of their father Howard W. Odum (1884-1954), the founder of the Journal of Social Forces (1922-present), on "social forces", who in 1929, e.g., aptly defined Leon Winiarski (SN:4) as the leader of the mechanistic school of sociology. [1]

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