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Olivier Beauregard nsIn information thermodynamics, Olivier Beauregard (1911-2007) was a French theoretical physicist, having had a general interest in the relationship between mind and matter, and noted for his 1963 book The Second Principle of Time, in which he attempts to reconcile reversible time of relativity, and irreversible time of consciousness and thermodynamics, using the information theory ideas of Leo Szilard and Leon Brillouin. [1] In short, he seems to equate negative entropy (neguentropy) with information and speculates on how acquisitions of information in the mind consumes negative entropy, but also how the mind can generate negative entropy, thus increasing organization. [2] Beauregard also co-wrote a 1972 article defending the thermodynamics interpretation of information with Myron Tribus. [3]

Costa de Beauregard’s 1943 PhD dissertation was on the electron theory of Paul Dirac. [4]

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