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Osborne ReynoldsIn existographies, Osborne Reynolds (1842-1912) (GPE:112) was an Irish-born British engineer, generally known, in fluid dynamics, as the eponym of the Reynolds number, noted for []

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“The combustion engine, in the form of a cannon, is the oldest form of heat engine.”
— Osborne Reynolds (1883), “On the General Theory of Thermo-Dynamics” [1]

1. (a) Reynolds, Osborne. (1883). “On the General Theory of Thermo-Dynamics”, Lecture at Engineering School at Owens College, Manchester; in: Papers on Mechanical and Physical Subjects, Volume Two: 1881-1900 (§47:138-52, quote, pg. 151). Cambridge University Press, 1901.
(b) Cardwell, Donald S.L. (1971). From Watt to Clausius: the Rise of Thermodynamics in the Early Industrial Age (pg. 11). Cornell University Press.

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