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Oswald Kulpe nsIn hmolscience, Oswald Kulpe (1862-1915) was a German psychologist noted, in psychological thermodynamics, for his 1895 discussions on how the law of the conservation of energy relates to mental processes. [1]

Kulpe was a residual product of the Helmholtz school. Specifically, Kulpe was a student of German physician Wilhelm Wundt at the University of Leipzig, and Wundt, in turn, had previously studied with Johannes Muller and been an assistant to German physicist Hermann Helmholtz, one of the three central developers of the theory of the conservation of force or energy.

The following are related quotes:

“It would thus make no difference whether a quantum of mental energy inserts itself into the course of the material process or not: the law of the conservation of energy as formulated hitherto would not be impaired.”
— Oswald Kulpe (c.1900), cited by Carl Jung [2]

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2. Jung, Carl. (1928). “On Psychic Energy” (subsection C: Entropy), in On the Nature of the Psyche (1960). Princeton University Press.

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