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Paul ChurchlandIn existographies, Paul Churchland (1942-) (CR:3) is a Canadian philosopher, noted for []

Eliminative materialism
In 1981, Churchland, in his “Eliminative Materialism and the Propositional Attitudes”, stated, in advocation of "eliminative materialism", that the traditional roadblocks to the so-called materialist program, namely emotions, qualia, and raw feelings, were beginning to dissolve as compared to previous decades, and went on to argue that neuroscience needs to be more substantially integrated into physical science. [1]

Churchland, of note, is married to Canadian-born American philosopher Patricia Churchland, author of the provocative 1986 Neurophilosophy, which advocates the eliminative materialism positions, suggesting that developments in neuroscience point to a bleak future for commonsense mental states. [2]

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“The red surface of an apple does not look like a matrix of molecules reflecting photons of a certain wavelengths, but that is what it is. The sound of a flute does not sound like a sinusoidal compression wave train in the atmosphere, but that is what it is. The warmth of the summer air does not feel like the mean kinetic energy of millions of tiny molecules, but that is what it is. If one’s pains and hopes doe not introspectively seem like electrochemical states in a neural network, that may be only because our faculty of introspection, like our other senses, is not sufficiently penetrating to reveal such hidden details.”
— Paul Churchland (1988), Matter and Consciousness [3]

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