Peter Molton

photo neededIn science, Peter M. Molton (c. 1943-) is an American chemist, of the University of Maryland, noted, in chnops-thermodynamics, for his 1978 definition of life as “regions of order that use energy to maintain their organization against the disruptive force of entropy.” [1]

1. (a) Molton, Peter M. (1978). “Polymers to Living Cells: Molecules against Entropy”, Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 31, pg. 147.
(b) Bradley, Walter L. (2004). “Information, Entropy, and the Origin of Life” (pgs. 331-51), ch. 18, in Debating Design by William A. Dembski and Michael Ruse. Cambridge University Press.

Further reading
‚óŹ Molton, Peter M. and Ponnamperuma, Cyril. (1974). “Aminonitriles: Possible Role in Chemical Evolution” (pgs. 127-36) in Cosmochemical Evolution and the Origins of Life by J. Oro, Spain International Conference on the Origin of Life (1974). Springer.

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