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Philip StokesIn genius studies, Philip Stokes (c.1969-) is British-born Thai philosopher noted for []

In 2002, Stokes, in his Philosophy: 100 Essential Thinkers, presented sketches of who he considers to be the top 100 thinkers (see: Stokes 100 essential thinkers), a type of genius rankings list, over the last 2,600-years, specifically taking Greek genius as his starting point.

The following is a circa 2011 statement of Stokes’ philosophical outlook: [2]

“Philosophically, I started wondering at around the age of 16 ‘why stuff happens’ and is still awaiting an answer. I’ve come up with a few theories along the way, but most have been squashed in intense debates in pubs not far from Reading University (undergrad days), Bristol University (postgrad days) and a few places in between that have slipped my memory. I continue to search for the ultimate meaning of everything while acknowledging that better people have tried and gone home.”

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Stokes completed his BA in philosophy in 1993 at the University of Reading, and his MA in philosophy in 1995 at University of Bristol, both in the United Kingdom. In 2011, Stokes was teaching English language and critical thinking skills at Thai University.

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