Philipp Johann

Philip Grot JohannIn artists, Philip Grot Johann (1841-1892), or “P. Grotjohann” as he signed his artwork, was a German book illustrator, best-known for his illustrations of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, but more-importantly known for his illustrations for the 1885 five-volume Goethe’s Works, translated by into English by American languages professor Hjalmar Boyesen, the artwork for the fifth volume of which serving as the illustration backbone for the online 2012-launched Elective Affinities: Illustrated, Annotated, and Decoded undertaking by American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims. [1]

1. Goethe, Johann. (1885). Goethe’s Works, Illustrated by the Best German Artists, 5 volumes (translation by Hjalmar Boyesen) (Volume 5: W. Meister’s Travels; Elective Affinities (Part I, pgs. 231-297; Part II, pgs. 298-369; Index, pg. 371; Index of engravings, pgs. 370-76)). Philadelphia: George Barrie.

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