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In existographies, Pierre Petit (1594-1677) was a French astronomer, physicist, mathematician, and instrument maker, noted for []

In the 1660s, Petit, being in the so-called “Montmor group”, was connected with attempts to get Christiaan Huygens style vacuum pump built in Paris; Petit, e.g., referring to the device as a “vacuum machine”. [1]

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“Huygens was in touch with the Montmor group from its formation in Dec 1657. Its members include Sorbiere, Auzout, Montmor, Thevenout, Pecquet, Petit, who had collaborated with Pascal in Rouen, Roberval, who left the group after 1658, Rohault, and Chapelian.”
— Stevin Simon (1985), Leviathan and the Air Pump (pg. 265)

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1. Shapin, Steven; Schaffer, Simon. (1985). Leviathan and the Air Pump: Hobbes, Boyle, and the Experimental Life (Petit, 3+ pgs). Princeton, 2011.

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