Poisonous pen

Poison pen
A pen dipped in truth, which acts as intellectual poison to the mind of those far ashore from truth; realist atheists, such as Sam Harris and Libb Thims have been classified, by religious thinkers, e.g. Ravi Zacharias, or ontic opening scholars, e.g. Terrence Deacon, as having "poisonous pens".
In terminology, poisonous pen refers to the pen of someone whose ink is poisonous to the mind of the recipient.

The following are related quotes:

“Shortly after Sam Harris published his first poison pen letter against religion, The End of Faith, I invited him to debate a Christian on my television shown.”
Ravi Zacharias (2008), The End of Faith [1]

“You have a remarkably poisoned pen that seems to overshadow your intellectual care.”
Terrence Deacon (2013), commentary to Libb Thims during the “JDNM peer review”, May 22

1. Zacharias, Ravi. (2008). The End of Reason: a Response to the New Atheists (pg. 7). Zondervan.

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