In hmolscience, psycho-dynamics, the prefix psycho- (mind) + -dynamics (power), was a semi-common "testing stage" terminology precursor to the late 20th century common term psychodynamics; similar to the way the late 19th century term thermo-dynamics, a conjunction of thermo- (heat) + -dynamics (power), was a common precursor to the 20th century term thermodynamics.

In 1931, in an article in American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, e.g., one finds: “psycho-dynamics … enters into an ultimate picture of dysfunction”. In addition, it is argued that the Oedipus situation, in the psycho-dynamic view, is defined in terms of the “drives of the child”, rather than in terms of the parent-child interaction. Moreover, an hypothesized set of principles of psycho-dynamics and socio-dynamics are slated to be analogs of the principles of physical energetics. [1]

1. Lawrey, Lawson Gentry. (1931). "Article" (pgs. 520, 604, 630), American Journal of Orthopsychiatry. American Orthopsychiatric Association.

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